Thursday, November 10, 2011

VII's Recent Purchases(16oh Records)

I made my first purchase from the 16oh Records Big Cartel about a month ago, and had my records arrive yesterday. Normally, I'd be upset by this long wait, but the dude informed me he was in Europe at that time. All good man. For those who don't know, 16oh has released a few Sidetracked records, the Bookburner 7", and In Disgust - "Reality Choke" 10". Super legit. And speaking of In Disgust, I managed to snag this little gem. The In Disgust/Massgrave split 7", 33 RPM, white vinyl.
In Disgust are one of my favorite grind bands, anything I can get from them is a treasure. I've heard their whole discography, and it's all stellar. This recording it definitely rougher, but it still kicks ass. Massgrave are a Canadian crust/grind band and share some members with the might OSK. They've been around for a while and have quite a large discography. I'm normally bored to death by crust, but the grind elements these guys throw in the mix keep it from being a snooze fest.
Next up are a couple records from Hummingbird of Death. I'm trying to get all their releases that I can, and I have a couple more on the way. First is their split 7" with the band Dead Stare, black vinyl, 45 RPM. Good side's from both bands, not much more to say, it's fastcore.
Next one is super! My two favorite fastcore bands, sharing a 6" record together. Dream come true. This came out a year ago on Cowabunga records. Super happy to finally get this.
I'm pretty sure the labels were reversed in a pressing flub, cause the HOD side clearly has 8 songs on it as opposed to 5.
Last one is the Extortion/Rupture split 5", transparent yellow vinyl, 33 RPM. I got this cause 16oh had it for the cheapest price. Everywhere else has is for 6-7 bucks, which is a bit much for a 5" to me. Nice little record, great artwork from Rohan as always, any Extortion record is good to have. Rupture play crust, snooooooore.