Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beartrap-Nailed Shut(Review)

Being a long time fan of Beartrap, I certainly had high hopes for this joint and man, do these speedfreaks from Massachusetts deliver exactly what it takes to keep me satisfied. Super fast and straight to the point; no frills, no bullshit. Dishing out 16 tracks in 6 minutes, this record does not slow down to even let you catch your breath. One thing I have always loved about Beartrap is the bass guitar has always had a very unique sound. It stands out having a very gritty vide to it, it's not just another background instrument or supporting the layout of the song, the bass is recognizable. The drums are absolutely insane and go perfect with every single track. The guitar, just like the bass, has a super raw, gritty feel to it, definitely major punk influence here. Without a doubt though, the vocals are where this record truly shines. Non-stop and frantic, yet the lyrics are surprisingly very understandable, giving this release a unique quality, a very mortal listening experience, with every word said, you can almost feel every bit of the singer's angst and emotion. Lyrically, this record overall is very angry, touching on subjects ranging from christianity to leeches of society, this is definitely something to crank up to get your blood pumping. While the record is predominantly fast, there were certain parts of songs I would catch myself singing along to after a few listens. This is not a bad thing at all. Parts like "because they sleep with one eye open, use your head as a fucking weapon", which was blaring immediately upon needle touch, I could not get out of my head. Such a stellar release through and through. If you like your hardcore sounding like it's being launched out of a fucking machine gun, the go pick up this badass 7" at the To Live a Lie webstore or you could just wait for these road warriors in Beartrap to just come thrashing through your town (it's probably gonna happen soon, if not already) and get a copy from them.


FFO: Charles Bronson

Best Tracks: Trashtown, God Fearing Youth

Fun Fact: Record sounds fucking killer at 33rpm, I suggest you check it out

~Stan Liszewski


  1. beartrap rules. ultimate band.

  2. glad someone reviewed this album, it's fucking sick