Monday, August 26, 2013

New Weekend Nachos Album and Tracks

I have such a power slam hard on for this new Weekend Nachos album, dead ass. The initial announcement for it was a few weeks ago, but today all these juicy details have been released so nows the time to get hyping! Their 4th album, entitled "Still",  will be coming out in November on Relapse Records and Deep Six (I believe DS is handling the vinyl duties). Today the band has put up two new tracks from the album for free download! "S.C.A.B." and "Satan Sucker" are excellent songs, I mean, Weekend Nachos just know how to write great, solid, beat down brutality. "S.C.A.B." in particular, while being an excellent classic hardcore influenced song, delighted me to know end with the lyrics during the breakdown (please listen for yourself), and the "BUST IN!" at the end. Fucking brilliant. Head on over to their Facebook page to download the new tracks.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

thedowngoing/Detroit Split Has Been Announced!

Again with the cool news right before I'm about to hit the hay. Mathias, the singer and guitar player for Australia's noisiest grinders thedowngoing, spread the word that a new track from an upcoming split 7" with Detroit was posted! Just when I  was starting to worry that we'd never see any new music from these guys again. The new track, "gazastrip", boasts a heavy, well produced recording, definitely their heaviest yet. Pulling back a little bit on the straight up spastic noisiness a little, particularly in the vocals, but it just goes to show that under all the chaos, thedowngoing really do have tons of great riffs. Killer track. 

I was very excited to hear that Detroit would be the split companions. I've always kept my eye on them, and their drummer Isaac even contributed to OG a few times. It's a neat little connection. These guys have also been crafting split 7"s with Skuff and Deadpreassure, most of which you can hear on their bandcamp. Great raw powerviolence in kinda the same vein as Vaccine, Despise You and In Disgust. Dig it.

The split with thedowngoing will be put out late 2013/early 2014 by Hash Crimes and Stoked Distro Records.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Music From Disciples Of Christ, Sea Of Shit and Amputee

I found out about this literally seconds before I fell asleep last night. D.O.C. have debuted a brand spanking new track off their upcoming single-sided LP entitled, "Decomposition Fantasy". As if decimating almost all competition with their incomprehensibly good split with Triac wasn't enough, the dudes have been busy creating this sure to be incredible record, with very little updates. The new track, "Pus Ride", is a noisy, filthy, ever changing song that keeps everything I loved about that split in tact. I definitely remember hearing it at MDF too, it also crushes live. "Decomposition Fantasy" is coming out sometime in October/November on Rorschach Records. 

And this is pretty old news, but I love this band enough that I'm willing to rehash. Maybe a few of you haven't heard yet, but Sea Of Shit have put up two new tracks from their upcoming 10". As always, the tracks are filthy and brutal, but they let a little bit more studio clarity into the mix. They're great tracks, and seeing a lot of the newer tracks live was a great treat. I got to listen to the whole record thanks to the tour edition cassette that was put out, but I can't wait to hear it on it's intended format. The record should be out in a couple months on Diseased Audio Records.

Lastly, NJ Assück/gnar grind worshippers, Amputee have put up a new track on their Facebook page from an upcoming split 5" record with Triac!! I heard rumors of this split happening, but I never knew it would be a rad little 5". Pretty neat stuff, and the new song is a great little dose of raw, rusty blade grindcore. And any word of new Triac material has me squee'ing. Check it out here. The record should be released by Haunted Hotel Records sometime in the future. 


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Listen To Slave, Right Now!!

I remember posting about Slave and the 2-3 tracks that they had online a while ago. They were good, standard powerviolence, stuff a lot of people would dig. Well, a short while ago, I found out that this band has been very active, and holy shit, I'm sorry I've only been paying minimal attention. Slave are a force to be reckoned with in 2013! Their new cassette EP (as pictured above), is a bombshell of a release. Great recording, and great song after great song. They've really got a nice Triac meets SFN meets The Endless Blockade thing going on, and I fucking love it. I'm ordering a copy of this cassette ASAP (buy here), and if I'm lucky, maybe come across their split tape with Obacha (!!!) eventually. Give Slaves new tape a listen and fall in love like I have. And listen to Obacha too!!!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Confine

A few of you might remember a while ago I advertised for a new side project with Arif Rot that I would be involved in called Loathe. It was going to be a powerviolence band, a demo was gonna get put out, blah blah, long story short, it didn't end up happening (couldn't get songs in time). So another band was formed, entitled Confine, and actually recorded...but again didn't go quite as planned. But an EP was still released, and here we have "Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere". Confine is made up of members of Oblivionized, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Human Cull and Corrupt Moral Alter, and with a line-up like that, you know that there's going to be some seriously hardcore shit produced. To no surprise, the EP shreds from front to back. This record is devastatingly aggressive and hateful, and best of all, you can download it for free! This EP was released a couple months ago, and from what I hear, a new record is in the works! 

You can also buy CD's/merch here.


Backslider - "Consequences" Review

There are three bands that I consider to be the top tier in pushing the limits of fastcore; Sidetracked, who seem to have made it their mission to make the catchiest shortest songs they can, Hummingbird of Death, who can go from making a 20 song 5" of very apparent individual songs, to making a straight up sludge metal record, and Backslider, who are a band that shows incredible development with every release they put out. Last time we left this Philly duo, they were making some of the most structurally complex fastcore like it was nobody's business. Now on their new 10", " Consequences", the band has taken their own sound, and stirred up the pot more then ever with tons of different influences. While at the same time, taking a step back from going ballistic all the time, and stretching the song lengths out a bit more. Letting the songs have some room to develop, and for more riffs to stick around for a little while longer. They've still kept the fastcore fury though, no worries about that. The A-side is a devastating onslaught of sludge metal, death metal, crossover, and hardcore riffs, all together in one happy, and very inspired group of songs. The B-side is where the band really surprises though, with only two tracks on it of super sludgeviolence. It's pretty standard for any fast band to have a slow track on the end, but Backsliders newest editions to this formula sounds remarkably fresh. They almost sound like a different band entirely. They get to Noothgrush tempos on here sometimes, but they always keep it interesting with brief flashes of fastcore, and just by listening to how tight these two preform together. The guitars and drums are locked in so masterfully, completely complementing each other and hitting in unison in ways you don't hear many bands of this genre play. Definitely a highlight of the year for me so far. A contender for the top 20.

Rating: 9/10