Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Flesh Police

Have I given it up for Australia recently? I'm not so sure I have, but you can be rest assured that the big, beautiful continent is still spawning as many awesome bands as their are poisonous snakes in that country (for those uneducated, that means there's a whole lot of them). The newest venomous offering comes in the form of a new brutal powerviolence outfit called Flesh Police. Not much is known about this band, other then that they are a 4-piece, and come from the powerviolence capital of Australia; Perth! The same home to a little band you may know called Extortion. This new EP/demo is 14 tracks, about 10 minutes, of chunky, heavy, blasting intensity. Great recording, maintaining a raw sound but still keeping enough clarity to make the riffs really punch out. I really dig how non-stop this EP is. From song one, it's just go! They throw in a few slow parts here and there, of course, but then throw in some fake out endings, heading right back into blasting grind parts instead of going the tired sludge route. That's right, no slow song at the end! It just stops, leaving you wondering what the hell just happened. Love it. This should be released on cassette sometime in the future.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New +HIRS+ Songs!! (You Should Know What I'm Going To Say About Them)

The day I run out of good things to say about +HIRS+ is the day I start listening to Korn and Slipknot again and try eating my own feet out of sheer ignorance. It's been a bit of a quiet year for them so far, but the gal's are back and rolling in deep into 2013 with a shit ton of new releases and even more new tracks. And just...goddamn. +HIRS+ just keep getting better and better. This time they have the power of an actual studio recording on there side, and the results are even more crushing than before! They sound loud, pissed, and fucking huge!! Not only that, but the drum programming has become ridiculously insanely great. I honestly thought that they got a real drummer when I first heard it, it's that good. +HIRS+ have without a doubt perfected their craft, and if you doubt me, check out the new songs coming from their upcoming split 7" with Water Torture (!!!!!) and split VHS (you heard right) with Bubonic Bear. Hail Dog, Worship Satan.


Bandcamp Artists Of The Week: Prison Violence / Self

Double bandcamp helping coming attcha this week! Both bands coming from my favorite scenes ever too! Prison Violence from Squamish, Canada, and Self from Los Angeles.

Prison Violence (or PrisonxViolence, though I doubt there's any straight edge business going on with this group) came to my attention from a recent post on the Obacha facebook page, as this band shares members with them. Totally fast, totally crushing, totally Canadian. It also sounds like they're a drum/bass band too, which delights me to no end. Compared to Obacha, they're definitely less fastcore oriented, with a lot more slow parts, and a bit better sounding recording. They have new tracks up, from an upcoming split with some band, and older tracks from a 4-way split with Skuff, Violent Gorge and Selfish Beings that I NEED! Dig it.

Shout out to my buddy Alex for showing me this band. Self are a relatively new band on the west coast, and they play crustcore. I don't really ever post crust stuff on here, because honestly, crust bores the shit out of me. But throw some blast beats in the mix, and voilá, it becomes pretty damn good! The songs on this "Divine Intervention 2013" demo/ep are ragers, and are sure to turn a crowd into a flailing frenzy at live shows. Pretty killer stuff, can't wait to hear more!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Music Round-up: Suffering Mind, ACxDC, To The Point

People who haven't "liked" the Suffering Mind Facebook page should seriously stop what they're doing and do that right now. If you're like me, an über-fan, getting updates from their page every day about what new split they're working on, or recording, is like Christmas every day. The bands latest gifts to the grind world are 4 new songs, coming from their upcoming split 7"s with N.I.B.I.R.U. and Archagathus. I knew about the N.I.B.I.R.U. split (which I think was originally going to be on an 8" record, and is now coming out on Haunted Hotel Records), but the Archagathus split has seemingly come out of nowhere, and I couldn't be more excited to have these two bands paired up. Solid songs from both splits, give em a listen. And check their facebook page for daily updates.

Next up is a brand new track from westcoast violence grinders, ACxDC, from their upcoming split with To The Point! I say pretty often that that their are "best splits of the year" when I hear about them, and you can definitely add this one to the list, because this split will be fucking incredible. They've put two songs from their split on their bandcamp page, entitled "Fiction Monger" and  Bone Claw". Each one keeps their super sharp sound, but the grindcore influence has taken a step back for a more direct powerviolence attack. Longer slower parts, and a more shouted vocal delivery. Maybe due to who their splitting with? Who knows. Who cares? These songs rock.

And speaking of To The Point, they also have just put up a new song from their split with ACxDC! Neato, right? This track that the cavemen have grunted out to pleasure our ears takes a stab at the curious phenomenon of people taking photo's of their food. The track's title; "Photos Of My Food". Brilliant. The track is short and sweet, and knowing them, there will probably be about 8 more tracks to round everything out. Unstoppable band, as you all should know by now (they did release one of the best records of 2012 after all. Fact).


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Afgrund - "Corporatocracy" Review

Oh jeez, way to sneak up on me, you sneaky Swedes (and Finns and Austrians). It looks like HM-2 pedal abusers, Afgrund, are back again with a brand new EP, several months after the release of their excellent full length, "The Age Of Dumb". An album that I think was dreadfully overlooked in 2012 (I'm kicking myself for not putting it on my Best of 2012 list). "Corporatocracy" features about 15 minutes of new material, capped off with 3 covers featured on previously released compilations. Continuing their unsubtle-as-fuck aesthetic against the modern corporate world, Afgrund again waste no time getting right to the meat of their assault (the thing opens with a sample of Henry Rollins spewing punk rock hatred against McDonalds). If you were at all a fan of "Age Of Dumb", you're pretty much guaranteed to get a good amount of enjoyment out of this EP. Hell, I'd bet that these were recorded in the same session as that album. Furious grindcore done in that good ol' Swede/Nasum way; excellent musicianship, and tons of excellent crunchy riffs with some great floor stomping grooves thrown in. I am glad that they made the guitar tone a little more trebly this time around though, the attack is a lot mess muddy than on "Age Of Dumb", which was one of my only complaints about that album. There's not much more to say, other than they do a totally righteous cover of Nasum's "Shadows" at the end. Rock solid EP, get into it.

Rating: 8.5/10