Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Flesh Police

Have I given it up for Australia recently? I'm not so sure I have, but you can be rest assured that the big, beautiful continent is still spawning as many awesome bands as their are poisonous snakes in that country (for those uneducated, that means there's a whole lot of them). The newest venomous offering comes in the form of a new brutal powerviolence outfit called Flesh Police. Not much is known about this band, other then that they are a 4-piece, and come from the powerviolence capital of Australia; Perth! The same home to a little band you may know called Extortion. This new EP/demo is 14 tracks, about 10 minutes, of chunky, heavy, blasting intensity. Great recording, maintaining a raw sound but still keeping enough clarity to make the riffs really punch out. I really dig how non-stop this EP is. From song one, it's just go! They throw in a few slow parts here and there, of course, but then throw in some fake out endings, heading right back into blasting grind parts instead of going the tired sludge route. That's right, no slow song at the end! It just stops, leaving you wondering what the hell just happened. Love it. This should be released on cassette sometime in the future.


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