Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sedem Minút Strachu/PTAO - Split 7" (2015) Review

With a consistent, unbroken string of perfect recordings, Sedem Minút Strachu have rapidly climbed up tobe one of the most beloved noisecore acts going right now. And one of my personal favorite bands period. Up there with the contemporary greats of the genre like Sete Star Sept, Shitnoise Bastards, and Penis Geyser. Last year Psychocontrol Records released a split 7" between 7M$ and Czech noisecore lifers PTAO. A veteran band who have been around since the mid nineties, very creative work, fantastic group. What an excellent record this is, it's truly a beat down. 7M$ relentlessly tear ass on their side, perfectly executing brutal noisecore in their now staple way. Nonsense, low-end, distorted walls of bass cacophonously swarm the listener. With Jan's spastic, but crazy tight blasts and drum fills giving all of the 14 "songs" on here attention grabbing and pummeling momentum. It's one of my favorite recordings by the band so far. The bass's have a nice amount of mid-range tones that give them a little more crunch then usual. And they just go off, there's no mercy, no music is spared by the noise!

PTAO's side is another slab of pure brilliance. It's a 51 song slathering of orchestrated blasts from a finely aged band that has not gotten weary at all. Short 3-4 second microsongs make up the bulk of this piece. With varying intros and transitions between each attack of dual vocal grunts and blown out guitar. The classic stick clicks and snare hits are there. But PTAO also incorporate some stuttering stereo panning noises, samples, and drum beats of various styles during the course of their time here. I can't help but be captivated and in awe of the craftsmenship and creativity here. It's a wonderful sounding recording too, quality was not spared any expenses on this side. Both sides get two thumb's way up from ol' VII.

Psychocontrol did a wonderful packaging job for this split. The cover is a super thick and glossy fold over sleeve. Everything is neat and tidy, fully detailed and has numbered inner sleeves.

Pick this up, I implore you.

Listen: HERE!