Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sedem Minút Strachu/PTAO - Split 7" (2015) Review

With a consistent, unbroken string of perfect recordings, Sedem Minút Strachu have rapidly climbed up tobe one of the most beloved noisecore acts going right now. And one of my personal favorite bands period. Up there with the contemporary greats of the genre like Sete Star Sept, Shitnoise Bastards, and Penis Geyser. Last year Psychocontrol Records released a split 7" between 7M$ and Czech noisecore lifers PTAO. A veteran band who have been around since the mid nineties, very creative work, fantastic group. What an excellent record this is, it's truly a beat down. 7M$ relentlessly tear ass on their side, perfectly executing brutal noisecore in their now staple way. Nonsense, low-end, distorted walls of bass cacophonously swarm the listener. With Jan's spastic, but crazy tight blasts and drum fills giving all of the 14 "songs" on here attention grabbing and pummeling momentum. It's one of my favorite recordings by the band so far. The bass's have a nice amount of mid-range tones that give them a little more crunch then usual. And they just go off, there's no mercy, no music is spared by the noise!

PTAO's side is another slab of pure brilliance. It's a 51 song slathering of orchestrated blasts from a finely aged band that has not gotten weary at all. Short 3-4 second microsongs make up the bulk of this piece. With varying intros and transitions between each attack of dual vocal grunts and blown out guitar. The classic stick clicks and snare hits are there. But PTAO also incorporate some stuttering stereo panning noises, samples, and drum beats of various styles during the course of their time here. I can't help but be captivated and in awe of the craftsmenship and creativity here. It's a wonderful sounding recording too, quality was not spared any expenses on this side. Both sides get two thumb's way up from ol' VII.

Psychocontrol did a wonderful packaging job for this split. The cover is a super thick and glossy fold over sleeve. Everything is neat and tidy, fully detailed and has numbered inner sleeves.

Pick this up, I implore you.

Listen: HERE!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Parfumerie - "Transmundane and Unprofessional Delocation of Superfluous Extremities, Organs and Rare Tissues E.P." 7" (2015) Review

The debut Parfumerie EP/demo first emerged from Canada and into the grind world in 2014, and pretty quickly turned a lot of heads. Not only because of the members associated with the band (the usual crew behind Archagathus, Horrible Pain, Violent Gorge, Meatus, etc.), but because it was so.fucking.good. Over a year later, an excellent group of labels got together and gave it a proper, beautiful vinyl treatment. This excellent and disgusting record is one of the best recent examples of goregrind that rocks! Right from the monstrous intro track "Venereal Excavation", which grooves like mash of Mammoth Grinder and Dead Infection. The power of the riff and the love of the golden age of gore and deathgrind is fully embraced in Parfumerie. You won't find a single slam or even a cheesy sample used. Just powerful songwriting and catchy as hell riffs that fester like a putrefied corpse. And layers of over the top, monstrous gurgles and barfed out roars. This thing had to have been recorded on a 4 track tape recorder. It just had to be. It sounds like an old demo that was kept in an attic since the 90's. All six of Parfumerie's songs are quality rippers, and the closing cover of Regurgitate's "Deranged Menarche Injection" is the perfect tribute to a band that gives so much inspiration.

This still remains the only Parfumerie recording that's been released. I'd assume the members other bands take up a majority of their attention, but it would be cool to see a return. If not, they left their mark with a memorable little EP. I highly recommend it.

Listen: HERE!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Haggus - "Mincecore Until You Die" 5" Lathe Cut (2015) Review

One of my top bands from last year was the unbelievably fun and amazing mincegore band Haggus, from Oakland CA. Although only around for barely two years, Haggus have already recorded dozens of songs and released numerous cassette splits and EP's. All of which are brilliant and highly essential in my opinion. I've been itching to obsessively hoard and collect every release they've done. Like with every mince band I enjoy. I swear it's a curse that these bands are so prolific, but that keeps the fun of the hunt going on. In any case, I was able to finally snag a chunk of their tapes from Mullet Death Records. And also this, the second pressing of the "Mincecore Until You Die" 5" lathe cut. A charming little release that I knew I would have trouble with, but had to own it regardless. This was released on the bands own label, Fuck Your Life Records.

Haggus are a band that is proud to be mincecore as fuck. Fun and greasy to the marrow. Creating a beautiful hybrid of catchy, punky songs, high speed goregrind and brutal imagery. "Mincecore Until You Die" is a tight collection of six songs in their catalog, remastered into a neat little EP. Real banger tracks are on here, all wins no flubs. This would probably be a great thing to show anyone who wants to get into Haggus. The opening track "Accurate Exaggeration" alone pretty much sums up the fun of Haggus in a tight minute. With it's polka beat, memorable stops and powerful blasting. 

The clearly labeled "Second Press" also has a completely different cover then the first. Both were limited to just 50 copies. The thing's also 1-sided to go along with it. I really dig the look of this thing. Going back to what I hinted at earlier about knowing there would be problems with this; lathe cuts have been really tricky for me. They're a gamble no matter how you look at it, and a lot of time the major payoff of having a lathe in aesthetic, not sound quality. Coupled with the fact that my turntable doesn't like playing 5-inch records, I had to do some trickery to finally hear it. I got it played through, and it sounded good. But just mechanically it's not a "throw on and play" record. I just had to have it because it's Haggus and they're too good not to have everything they do. 

Some helpful tips for lathe cuts. I did the old put a penny on the head trick for extra weight. 

A nice little collectors piece from a great band. I hear splits with Archagathus, Lt. Dan and many more are on the way. 

Listen: Here!


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shooting Spree/TADROAEV - Split 7" (2015) Review

It always happens every year. A record will come along that I missed that kicks almost every top record of that year into the dirt! Happened this year too, after I finally managed to snag the Shooting Spree/TADROAEV split 7" released by Mullet Death Records in 2015. I bought it initially for the Shooting Spree side, since they're basically one of the best bands in Canada right now. But I was more then pleasantly surprised when I played TADROAEV's half. In fact, I was blown away. This is a fucked up split. Shooting Spree and TADROAEV (These Are Da' Results Of A'Thousand Electric Volts) have recorded some of the nastiest and most savage grindcore that was put on wax in 2015. Here's the kicker, I think this was supposed to come out in 2012 or 2013. This masterpiece was kept at bay for 3+ years. Well the wait was worth it.

 TADROAEV have actually won me over through and through with their perfect half. They're actually the side I play the most (and I play it a loooot). This is real deal, no bullshit chaos. Exactly the way I like my grindcore these days. The songs are a blur of unpredictable song twists, massive beefy tones (I think there's like 4 guitar tracks on here), and an unhinged amount of aggression. It's a perfect blend of bands like D.O.C., The Afternoon Gentlemen, Arsedestroyer, and Opstand. And it's fucking heavy!! These tracks get me so fired up, every time it ends I'm just awestruck. I have not been able to find any more recordings from these guys, and I believe they're broken up now. If any other records exist I want them. They even beat out Shooting Spree in claiming the superior side! No diss to Shooting Spree's contribution though, since it is perfect as well. Which comes as no surprise, I've loved every single recording I've heard from them prior. Crazy, fucked up and technical grindcore with a lot of deathy influence. Sudden snare hits, stops, vocal trading, I love it. Also, everything must sound like it's recorded on a boom box, no exception. I love these lo-fi recording's, they always make certain things more present in the mix. Like the "pang" sound of a snare hit, or a beefy guitar tone. Shooting Spree always have the sound of a great demo tape that survived being in your attic for years. It's seriously reinvigorating to hear grindcore written and performed this good. This split has become one of my new favorites for sure.

Everyone should thank Mullet Death Records for bringing this record into the world by spending your money at his store and buying it.

Listen to this: HERE!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sordo/OG Jammer - Split 7" (2015) Review

I wish Tyson would kick me in the head for taking this long to score this beautiful gem. That's some pain everyone who doesn't have this record should feel, everyday. Seriously though, if you've been wanting a proper follow-up from Sordo to their perfect "Tactical Precision Violence" 7", you're going to get it here. This split 7" with LA's OG Jammer is a monster. Released by Eddie from Sordo's own label Dina Dog Records last year.

Sordo's side must be leftover tracks from the "Tactical Precision Violence" session. That flawless, Disgusting, punchy and heavy recording is completely the same here. Also they reuse a song featured on their split tape with Chulo from a few years ago ("Chris Doesn't Like Noisecore", but without the long sample at the end). The "leftover" part should not have you worried at all, Sordo bring the pain in full force. There isn't a single dud or dull moment on the whole side. If you like having your ears romped by some catchy-ass drum and bass powerviolence, this is essential. But then again what Sordo release isn't? Almost every track incorporates some sort of Myke Tyson based sample. They are almost as wonderful as the songs themselves. Best samples in the game, Sordo still has that award. This is the real deal shit right here. By far my 2nd favorite Sordo recording.

OG Jammer were a new listen for me. While there's no one that can match Sordo's side in enjoyment level, this powerviolence group does a decent enough job on their short side. You like random, bassy microphone peaks in your recording? OG Jammer got you covered. This recording is a rough one, and a bit distracting at times. Their side consists of five raw and overblown bursts of fastcore/violence. They remind me of a mix of Godeater, Detroit and Goner. Sordo's side does make this a one-sider record for me a majority of the time. But whenever I play OG's side I enjoy more then I remember doing previously. I might track down their other recordings.

This record came in a "green" color variant, probably limited to 100. I don't know, it seems more blue to me. But I guess someone will call is sea foam green, or something like that. It's mine, whatever it is!

Buy this.


Couple Skate - "Tales From The Corpse" (2015) Review

Man, there was a lot of talk and anticipation floating around the release of this lil' ol 7" record. Personally I was looking forward to hearing this new Couple Skate EP for a couple years. Their vocalist Kyle Schroeder has been a musical commrade of mine from afar for a long time. And knowing him, I was pretty instinctually positive that "Tales From The Corpse" would be good. Couple Skate is a mince/gore trio from Lima, Ohio and has been spreading the gore gospel for a couple solid years. Their debut vinyl EP, "Tales From The Corpse", was finally released towards the end of 2015, thanks in part to over half a dozen labels.
Now generally, if you're in a goregrind band, you will generally be pulling from one of two sides of influences. The side that goes for more of a "riff composed", polka beat/blast ridden, deathy and raw approach (Regurgitate, Dead Infection, early Carcass, Maggut, Squash Bowels, etc). Or the even more raw, noise guitar, toilet vocal, structureless, blast abuse side (Last Days of Humanity, Anal Birth (gorenoise), Inopexia, Phyllomedusa, among countless others). While all these artists are more then likely adored by the members of Couple Skate, the old-school sounds are proudly in their music. They've taken the bold step to actually steer away from the easier latter half and make Couple Skate *gasp* a band. With some real *wait for it* lyrics, and write some *omg* sick riffs! And they do it very well I might add. Look at that, my gut was right. Always trust the organs.

Couple Skate do not set out to revolutionize any part of the goregrind genre on "Tales From The Corpse". You know whatcha gonna get, and they give it to you in every way you could like. All twelve and a half minutes of this EP are incredibly solid and fun. A perfectly balanced amount of super blasting and gore stomping grooves. The classic riffs and chord progressions we've heard hundreds of times are here, and played well. There's Regurgitate and Agathocles worship in abundance. Thankfully they do manage to sneak in a couple real attention grabbings riffs that remind me a lot of Internal Rot. Side B is definitely my favorite side of the record. The opener "Abra Cadaver" has all the fun of a good Rompeprop or Rectal Smegma track. And something about all the songs afterwords just generally sound more savage and aggressive then the flip side of the record. The quantity of samples used is surprisingly very low and used well, and overall the EP sounds very good. Counting the fact that it was recorded on a cassette 4track. The drums, one of my favorite parts of grind, are just a tad too low in the mix which is a shame. I can't hear that snare go BOOM BOOM PANG!

Plenty of people had their hands in putting this out. You got a lot of options and places to pick a copy up from! No excuses! Also let's get more bands to stick three or more variations of their logo on their record sleeves. More!

You should check this out, I give it a solid, necrotic thumbs up!