Monday, April 30, 2012

Converge/Napalm Death Split 7". Umm...FUCK YES!!

This got my dick rock hard. East coast hardcore legends, Converge and grindcore OG's, Napalm Death have joined forces to self release a brand new split 7". just great. For real, I couldn't be more excited. How could this fail? There's no way it can, no way I tell you!

However, when I first heard this news, I was immediately skeptical. And I'll tell you why. Last year, Converge released a split 7" with Dropdead. I was so excited, and so hyped up, and it ended up being my most disappointing release of 2011. Just because of the sheer lack of material that was presented. It's not a good feeling when two of your favorite bands let you down. However, reading more into this release, it should be much better than last years split. For one, there's two songs each (including a cover of Entombed's - "Wolverine Blues" from Converge). Instantly, that makes this seem better. Plus, it sounds like there will be a solid grind track from Napalm Death, as well as a slower, sludgier track. I'm just all around excited, read the full press release here, and get stoked as well!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

And Now, Here's A New Water Torture Song!

Seems like I can't stop talking about this band, but the news just keeps coming! This time, Diseased Audio was kinda enough to debut a track from the upcoming Water Torture 7", which is entitled "Shellfire!" Do I even need to tell you what I think of it? You all should be able to guess my opinion by now. I'm so fucking excited for this to come out, you guys have no idea! It should be available by the end of May/early June. Listen to the track here, and tell us what you think.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Studio Teaser For The New Water Torture 7"

One of my favorite grind/powerviolence bands going right now, yes indeed, have finished recording new material for their new 7" EP. As of yet, the EP doesn't have a title, or an official released date. But! I do know that it should be released in the next couple months on Diseased Audio Records, which is a fantastic Chicago based label you should all check out. The teaser/trailer below doesn't show much in terms of new music, but it does hint at some very interesting musical touches like piano and some more noise. Honestly though, I know this shit is gonna be great. These guys could put out a double album of Madonna covers and I would be happy, beyond stoked for the new jams!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Grind Worldwide: Singapore

Yeah, I'm doing another one of these. The first article in this series was very well received and quite popular, and yet also met with much criticism about the lack of my including this band and that band. No one's perfect, I'm not trying to list every single grind band from the country I'm choosing, my apologies if I get your panties in a bunch. I'm only human.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, lets talk about Singapore. A small island country off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Grindcore fans worldwide really took notice of this country with the break out popularity of the excellent band Wormrot a few years ago. They definitely made me want to investigate what this country had to offer in terms of grind, but it's been a bit difficult finding bands on my own. Not a whole lot of bands from this country are talked about. A million thanks to all the people who have helped me and given me bands to check out.

Wormrot: Their inclusion is downright obligatory. I mean, this blog is named after one of there songs for christ sake. By far one of the most promising and solid grindcore bands going right now, with two excellent albums issued by OG grind label Earache Records, and a couple more splits and EP's, Wormrot have continued to amaze and grow in popularity. Their style is definitely inspired by the old-school (thrashy riffs, tastefully deep and piercing high vocals), and mixing it up with more modern tempos and start-stop song writing. One listen to their latest album "Dirge" will leave you catching your breath and trying to keep up with their relentless intensity. I think that a new album is in the works (fingers crossed), and also keep an eye out on singer Arif Rot's new project Code/Error, which also features members of Maruta and Noisear.

Magnicide: Here's another band that shows incredible quality, and I think could definitely become a widespread favorite if more people knew about them. Magnicide is a 3-piece grindcore band that started in the mid/late 2000's. Much like Wormrot, their style pays homage to the old-school nuances of grind, but beefs it up with the tempos and guitar tones of today. Hardcore punk fueled riffs are played at light speed, I definitley can make a big Phobia comparison. These guys have a few releases out, including a split 7" with OG favorites Noisear. Check them out, I think you'll like them.

Demisor: We're going way back now, back to the late 80's when grindcore was really starting to take off. I have no doubt that Demisor didn't contribute to the worldwide grind scene, but for Singapore, I can definitely see them being one of the first bands to play that style in the country. If you like your grind crusty and reeking of death and rotten flesh, listen to Demisor. A band that has never released a full-length in their entire existence, instead releasing split after split for decades. Kick ass stuff, recommended for fans of Agathocles, Dahmer and Denak. 

Fallen World: The great part of doing this series is that I get introduced to quite a few really excellent bands I might not have known about had I ventured into the countries scene. A big case in point; Fallen World. This is a top notch grindcore band, I believe there a 4-piece, who definitely know how to deliver all the goods. For one, the vocals are fucking excellent! A deep, low, crusty male delivery, and a second vocalist that sounds something like if Avi from Magrudergrind was a chick. Not the fastest grind band there is, instead opting for more of a 1-2-1-2 blast momentum, with some tasteful metallic tremolo picking and breakdowns added into the mix. Check these guys out.

Pluto: From what I can tell, this is a pretty knew and relatively young band. I definitely wouldn't call them a grindcore band, not even a powerviolence band. Grimy, sludgy hardcore music is what we have here. Very occasional blast riffs leading into mid-tempo to molasses tempo riffs make up the music on their four song demo. It's a pretty solid release with a nice, bassy production and really good vocals. I'm stoked to hear more material from this band in the future. Download the demo here.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Operation Grindcore Exclusive: Noisear - "Nada"

We have a very special treat for you all today, ladies and gentlemen. Operation Grindcore is very proud to present a brand new Noisear track, which will not be featured on any future release. This track, entitled "Nada", was recorded in late December of last year in the recording session for The Kill/Antigama, and Department of Correction splits. It's a noisey, chaotic, and blazingly fast little grind ditty. Very very good stuff. The Noisear/Department of Correction split will be released in May by Power It Up Records, still no word on when the 3-way split with The Kill and Antigama will be released. Hopefully really fucking soon! Thanks to Dorian Rainwater and Garry Brents for giving us this exclusive!

NOISEAR - NADA by OperationGrindcore


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Woah, A New Hatred Surge Song!

It's about 8:30 am where I am right now. This is sickeningly early for me, and I'm mega grumpy. Not a whole lot can make we happy at this time of day, so imagine my surprise when upon perusing the internet for what's left of the still active Mediafire links (downloading albums I already have on vinyl, of course), and I stumble on a brand new Hatred Surge track. I know right? Woke me up better than the coffee I'm drinking right now. The song, entitled "Inoculation", was debuted by Irong Lung Records, and comes off of their upcoming 2nd full-length, "Human Overdose" (Irong Lung Records will also be releasing the LP, win!). For any fans who didn't take to the death n' roll/grind that Hatred Surge started to play on the split with Mammoth Grinder and the "Brutal Supremacy" comp, this should please the older fans. Blasts and pure grinding powerviolence intensity make up this track, with Alex Huges gruff vocals being the icing on the cake. The recording is rough and abrasive, and I love it. It definitely sounds like good ol' Hatred Surge. Not that there's anything wrong with the music they made these past couple years, but it's good to see that they haven't left their fast, blasting side. Now word yet on when the album will be released, and there's no cover art yet. But it's on Iron Lung Records, so when it does come out, you better snatch it up quick! Listen to the track here!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stream the New Eddie Brock EP "Brand New Day"!

Baltimore hardcore band Eddie Brock have just dropped a new 7" titled "Brand New Day" on A389 Recordings. Eddie Brock play a style of hardcore heavily influenced by early powerviolence in the vein of bands such as Infest and Lack of Interest. I was a huge fan of their first 7" and after a few listens of "Brand New Day" I can definitely say that they have stepped their game up.

Thanks to A389 for letting us stream the EP!

Eddie Brock: Facebook, Bigcartel
A389 Recordings: Facebook, Website


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Semi-Shitty live Recording Of A New Wormrot Song Makes Me Happy!

I think I remember hearing that a new Wormrot album was expected to be released this year. I pray to the grind gods that I'm right. Even if I'm not though, this video solidifies that the Singapore grindcore purists are writing new material, which is good to see. The sound quality in this video leaves a lot to be desired, but it doesn't take a lot of brain power to see that Wormrot are still kicking out the punk-as-fuck grind jams. Check it out below!


Phobia To Release New Album, "Remnants Of Filth" June 5th

Yet another album to add to my "Stoked As Fuck" list; west coast grindcore champions Phobia are set to release their 5th studio full-length, "Remnants Of Filth" on June 5th via Willowtip Records. Ignoring the super "meh" cover art, this album should be a highlight for grind this year. Produced and mixed by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound Studios, and featuring Bryan Fajardo and Dorian Rainwater on their respected instruments, this is sure to be a punishing and unrelenting 19 song-18 minute beast (perfect album length if you ask me). Since this is a Willowtip release though, it might not be getting the vinyl treatment, which is a bummer. But snobby complaints aside, I'm definitely excited, and I don't see how any grind fan wouldn't be as well. Check out a new track from the album, called "Contradiction" below. You can definitely hear some Dorian-style chord riffing near the end!


Monday, April 9, 2012

This New Extortion Track Will Cut You In Half

It's definitely a good day when a new Extortion track is unleashed upon the world. The song, called "Cut In Half", comes from their highly anticipated split 12" with Austria's Cold World, which will be released on RSR. I can safely say that this track, although only a modest 23 seconds, slays in every way; the snare drum is pingy and aggressive, the blast riff is killer, there's a bit of a fastcore song structure, and it has a welcome groove riff (which lasts about 5 seconds). It basically covers all the bases. Rohans vocals also seem to be a little bit in the higher register, and remind me of their early records like "Degenerate". Consider me stoked! Listen to the track here.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Interview: Matt Goodrich (Water Torture, Inerds, Deciever, Bestower, etc.)

Most people might not know the name, Matt Goodrich. But I'm sure plenty of you have heard at least one of his bands. Over the last few years, Matt has been a member of several Buffalo, NY based hardcore/grindcore/powerviolence and noise bands. playing bass for such bands as Inerds, Water Torture and Bestower. last year, Inerds became the band in the Grindcore Karaoke roster everyone seemed to talk about, and is now leading the pack again with the devastatingly heavy Water Torture. I caught up with Matt to check in and see what we can expect from his bands in the future. 

Operation Grindcore: We'll get the boring questions out of the way first. Tell us who you are and what bands you're involved in.

Matt Goodrich: My name is Matt also known as Phil Collins. And I play bass in water torture,Inerds,and bestower. Also I do deceiver which is solo noise stuff. pacing which is me and moezes of all the same bands doing harsh droney stuff. And my newest project is breached hull which is with Justin of Pusdrainer it is SCI-FI PE based on event horizon.

OG: The first band of yours to get large acclaim was Inerds, after being featured on Grindcore Karaoke. How did that band come to be?

Matt: Me and the drummer, Moezes started hanging out and he was in some crappy pop punk band. He got me all whiskey drunk and we went to his practice space and we started to jam. From there we decided to ask Jessika if she wanted to do vocals and we had also talked to Corey and they were both down to do vocals and it just went from there.
OG: How did the relationship with Grindcore Karaoke start?

Matt: Jay got ahold of us on the Inerds myspace and asked if we would be down to do a free release on his new label. Of course we were down right away.

OG: Inerds pretty much become one of the most popular bands on the site. Was this surprising to you guys at all?

Matt: Yah, deff. We never would have guessed people would like it so much. I think it helps a lot that we had a pretty good sounding recording. We go to the same guy for every band we are in. John Angelo is the man.

OG: I have noticed the consistently good recording quality your bands have. Is John the guy to go to in Buffalo?

Matt: Yah, we record everything with him other then noise. I was in a band with John before Inerds so I have been recording with him for awhile now. He knows what we want sound wise so it is really easy to record with him. We are recording next week and we are going to a new studio in Buffalo and John will be with us so I am really excited to see how it turns out.

OG: Moving on to Water Torture, who I think I can safely say is the band that most people talk about now in the GK roster. How did this band come to life, because at it's core, it's pretty much a stripped down Inerds.

Matt: Moezes and I have been trying to do a lot of touring and we were having trouble getting our other bands out of town so we decided we would do a band that was just the 2 of us.

OG: And just like that, Water Torture was born, huh? So then you definitely wanted to keep the drum/bass powerviolence/grind sound, but just be more freed up?

Matt: Yah, we are in a much lower tuning then Inerds. We hoped that would be different enough, hahaha. And just being 2 people always makes it easier.

OG: I've seen videos of you guys playing with an addition bass player. Is that a permanent part of the line-up now?

Matt: No, we have our friend, Ian playing with us a bunch and we are going to be doing some recordings together but it is not a permanent thing. We also had our friend, Justin Pusdrainer do noise for us on our last tour.

OG: Speaking of recordings, I hear Water Torture has a few splits in the making. What can you tell us about those?

Matt: When we get back from tour in May we got a bunch of stuff to record for. Split with Witchcult from the UK, Anthophobic from Pittsburgh, Ultra//Negative from Mass, and Happy Birthday from Ohio.

OG: Will we being seeing any Water Torture on vinyl?

Matt: Yah, the split with Witchcult will be a 7 inch and we are recording next week for a 7 inch on Diseased Audio from Chicago.

OG: Fuck awesome, I can't wait to get those. Wrapping up here, what's the current status of Inerds, and can we expect any releases from any of your noise projects in the future?

Matt: As we speak the Inerds/Bestower 7 inch is being pressed and should be out In the next few months. As for noise stuff I got a lot of stuff coming out.
Deceiver has a split with Lost Appeal as well as a split with (<o>). Also working on a 4 tape 4 way split wall box with Scant, Discretion, Oblive. Breached Hull has a few releases coming out soon as well one being a split with Blessed Sacrifist.

OG: Awesome, I'm super glad to hear there will be more Inerds music released. In closing, off the top of your head, if you were stuck on a desert island, which 3 albums would you bring with you?

Matt: First would be, Discordance Axis - "The Inalienable Dreamless", J Dilla - "Donuts", Moss - "Eternal Return"

OG: Thanks for the interview!

Matt: Any time man.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Artwork For The New Six Brew Bantha Album is Fucking Awesome!!!!!

That is all.


New Cripple Bastards Song, Still Hateful!

This month will see the release of a brand new 7" EP from the legendary Italian hate-grind band, Cripple Bastards. This is new's that I'm sure a lot of you will be overjoyed about, since we haven't gotten a CB release of new material since their 2008 full-length, "Variante Alla Morte". Relapse Records has just debuted a new song from the EP (which you can listen to below) called "Agony Of A Reformed Band", and I think it shows a lot of promise for this release. Honestly, Cripple bastards are a bit hit-or-miss with me; their previously mentioned 2008 album had a lot of pot holes and dull moments for me to get fully into it, but when it was good, it was really fucking good. This new song displays the things I like about the Bastards; fast drumming, some interesting riffing, varied vocals, it definitely pleases my ears. But who am I to say what's good, listen and judge for yourself. The 7", entitled "Senza Impronte" will be released by Relapse Records on April 26th, in what looks like a very nice gatefold sleeve. You can pre-order it now.