Friday, April 20, 2012

Operation Grindcore Exclusive: Noisear - "Nada"

We have a very special treat for you all today, ladies and gentlemen. Operation Grindcore is very proud to present a brand new Noisear track, which will not be featured on any future release. This track, entitled "Nada", was recorded in late December of last year in the recording session for The Kill/Antigama, and Department of Correction splits. It's a noisey, chaotic, and blazingly fast little grind ditty. Very very good stuff. The Noisear/Department of Correction split will be released in May by Power It Up Records, still no word on when the 3-way split with The Kill and Antigama will be released. Hopefully really fucking soon! Thanks to Dorian Rainwater and Garry Brents for giving us this exclusive!

NOISEAR - NADA by OperationGrindcore



  1. thanks for the track .. promptly dl'd and stored on the hd.

  2. how did you dl?

  3. The split is available now!
    www.myspace/grindcoredequalite and facebook/grindcoredequalite
    stay brutal!