Monday, April 30, 2012

Converge/Napalm Death Split 7". Umm...FUCK YES!!

This got my dick rock hard. East coast hardcore legends, Converge and grindcore OG's, Napalm Death have joined forces to self release a brand new split 7". just great. For real, I couldn't be more excited. How could this fail? There's no way it can, no way I tell you!

However, when I first heard this news, I was immediately skeptical. And I'll tell you why. Last year, Converge released a split 7" with Dropdead. I was so excited, and so hyped up, and it ended up being my most disappointing release of 2011. Just because of the sheer lack of material that was presented. It's not a good feeling when two of your favorite bands let you down. However, reading more into this release, it should be much better than last years split. For one, there's two songs each (including a cover of Entombed's - "Wolverine Blues" from Converge). Instantly, that makes this seem better. Plus, it sounds like there will be a solid grind track from Napalm Death, as well as a slower, sludgier track. I'm just all around excited, read the full press release here, and get stoked as well!



  1. i'm cautiously optimistic because napalm really phoned in their half of their split with coalesce several years ago. but this shows promise.

  2. gaypalm death phoned in over 20 years ago. if splitting with converge isn't the death knell of this band, they are actually enemies of grindcore.

  3. Umm...FUCK NO!!! Napalm ain't grind anymore

  4. Wolverine Blues covered by Converge hahahaha