Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hear Some Tracks From Ritalin Attack!

Oh God. You know, the only reason I used that title was because I thought it rhymed, and I'm trying to get creative here with my intros. I'll get better, I swear. But I digress, tonight I present to you all, Ritalin Attack. This is an uber-prolific, raw, one-man drum machine grindcore project spearheaded by a Mr. Ross Gnarly. Who some of you might recognize as the creator of the excellent extreme music blog, American Aftermath. Me and Ross have been talking for a while, and he's always been a friend of OG. So of course when he asked if I could post a few of his songs, I was down. If you like your grind raw and noisy, Ritalin Attack is for you. This dude has a crazy amount of release out, and coming out. These two tracks, "Micky Mouse Whorehouse" and "Fleching Verbal Diarrhea" come off of his latest EP/album(?), "Fast Time For Slow Fucks". Give em a listen.


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