Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lack Of Interest/Bastard Noise - Split 12" Review

Honestly, the only reason I haven't posted about this record is because I thought that I already did. Better late then never, right? Besides, I take any chance I get to talk about either of these bands. I remember when I first heard about this EPIC pairing of west coast OG's, a couple years ago, it was like a dream come true. This seems like it should have been a classic 90's Slap-A-Ham or Deep Six release, and the news of it's development had fans/nerds like me jittering in our patched-up denim shorts. This fantastic split was finally released at the tail end of 2013, and was well worth the wait. Bastard Noise give us four new tracks, which were recorded after the loss of founding drummer Joel Connell. Loosing a long-time member like that seems pretty detrimental, but they recruited none other then Richard Hoak to step up behind the skins! If you've ever seen or heard Mr. Hoak tear up a drum set, you know you're in for some insane shit, and I couldn't wait to hear what his sporadic style would lend to BN's sound. Though his performance here truth be told, is actually pretty reserved and down-tempo. Which in retrospect was a bit disappointing to hear at first, but he flows with Mr. Wood's progressive hardcore sludge trotting riffs appropriately. I guess I was expecting more of a total fucking grind mayhem influence, but the trademark SKULL sound remains strong and intact, like there was no change at all really. Things do pick up a bit after the seven and a half minute opener, venturing into jazzy grooves and more visceral tempos. The closing track, "The Time Shifter", is a real highlight. It's a ruthless lil' jam featuring some excellent vocals from Mitchell Luna of Maruta. Him and Aimée's pull off a lovely duet of brutality, and it's an excellent way to end their side. Aimée and Wood seem a lot more balanced in the vocal department on here as well. No one seems to dominate the recording here. Some of Bastard Noise's brightest sounding and focused "musical" material so far. Lack Of Interest's side is just downright perfection. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, this band has done absolutely nothing wrong in their whole existence. The twelve tracks on here do nothing to break that streak, the guys just flat out rip your soul a new one here. The band has maintained a trademark sound that still sounds fresh and full of life, and they still pull it off masterfully. It's just like '99-era LoI stepped through a time portal into 2013 and recorded some tracks they had to spare. Not a drop of intensity, self loathing, or grumpiness has been lost. It's crazy to me how this band can still seem somewhat underrated, especially when they're STILL putting out powerviolence of this quality. Perfect band. Great split. If you haven't picked this up yet I'm not sure what your malfunction is.