Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lung Cancer/Sete Star Sept - Split Cassette

Another curious pairing between the God's on Earth that are Sete Star Sept, and a exceptionally more polished and less noisy fastycorey band to smear in your ear. Lung Cancer are a trio from Calgary, CA, who I wasn't very familiar with until I knew the Chainsaw To The Bass Records guys. On this split C8 cassette we get both bands offering three tracks. Lung Cancer's side comes first and it goes off right away. Definitely not a band you would picture sharing a release with SSS. Playing into the more emoviolence side of fast hardcore. High-pitched, screechy vocals, lots of mosh parts, and some powerful drum work. The first and second song on their side are both great, but I was not a fan of the drawn out intro in the closer, and the song just sort of pitters out at the end. All I'm saying is that they could have fit another song in there. Other then that, no complaints here. Sete Star Sept go completely no-fi and free on this session. Play this on some good speakers with a lot of bass, as you'll need it. Consisting of only mainly mid and high tones, besides Kiyasu's drum hits. Completely free and structures drums under Kae's harsh vocals and "bass playing". Most of the time just letting her bass ring out into harsh feedback. Which to me seemed to work itself more into a power electronics type of sound. Especially on the final track, "Burning Chair". Oh yeah, every song is about chairs too, because chairs. Describing it like this may make it seem like I'm not a fan, but I actually and honestly love when SSS get all weird on our asses like this. Not every one of there releases has to be like "Visceral Tavern" you know. SSS are at it's core a noise band, and that means sound is limitless. As long as it hurts your ears and annoys your neighbors. This tape is awesome, I recommend you check it out. Chainsaw To The Bass Records is putting out this cassette.


Avian Terror - "Demo 2015"

Do you remember back in your teen years, and the first grindcore band you formed and started fooling around with? I sure do, and believe me, modest beginnings were rough. Lots of very awkward starting out performances. Something about Australia's younger population though, they really got the knack for making pretty kick ass stuff. So now here comes a duo called Avian Terror, doing brutal grind as Aussies do, and it goes the fuck off. Also, it's written and performed by a couple of 15 year olds. And as cheeky as it may be to highlight that, I just have to. People love to have a little "fun fact" with their bands, ay? Not that all youngsters are doomed to suck until they "reach a certain age", but let's just be real hear. And just listen to this! This is definitely some solid brutal grindcore, in the same vein as countrymen like Internal Rot and Headless Death, with some Hellnation and Insect Warfare in there too. However, Avian Terror certainly are not as intricate and tight as those other bands are, to be fair. They still are largely sticking to the a very linear and rudimentary song writing style. Strictly blast beats over blast riffs. Sometimes boarding into noisegrind territory, thanks in part by the rawness of the recording (tracks like "Visceral Dismemberment" and "Point Blank"). A lot of ye ol' standard riffs are on here too, simple but effective. And the band really does reach some impressively fast and vicious moments ("Decadence", "Gash Desire", "Instant Regurgitation"). There's definitely a lot of promise here. No doubt the more these guys play and perform, the gnarlier their craft will get. Awesome stuff. Naked Noise Records will be handling the cassette release, be on the look out for that.