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Lil Percy is a 19-year-old rapper from Richmond, Virginia. Percy is a force to be reckoned with, his cloudy sadistic beats, and his versatile flow make it easy for him to rap over any type of beat. Percy is a "sensational cloud rapper" which isn't your typical cloud rap music, yes the atmospheric beats are still there, but his lyrics are pessimistic and also optimistic. With some songs talking about his drug use and sadness, even some songs talking about politics, to playful lyrics with WWE and anime references, and then talking about a girl he once dealt with. Percy's projects Moon, and Redemption filled with songs you can cry to and also turn up too. Percy is one of the most promising rappers to come out of the RVA music scene.

Q. Chay - What are some of your influences outside of rap music?

A. Percy - Definitely Wrestling, I watch some shit of Wrestling like before I wanted to rap I was at a stage where I wanted to be a pro-wrestler cause it was around me a lot as a child, my family loves that shit so I grew up watching it and you can hear it a lot in my references when I be rapping and shit, and definitely Anime I'm into a lot of Drama and shit like I like a good love story ya know? I watch a lot of anime that involve drama like example I'm on Orange right now it's a really good show I highly suggest you watch it cause it's deep as shit I got a soft spot for shit like that.

Q. Chay - How has Richmond influenced your music? Are you willing to experiment with other Richmond artist?

A. Percy - It doesn't really influence my music but it's like my hometown and since we don't really have a "sound" that's established because this city isn't really as established as it should be in the music scene, but like the people of Richmond, the artists in it are like what influences me because of how I genuinely fuck with people from here and it's like they influence me cause I don't want to let them down, cause I'm sure a lot of people here just have that certain chip on their shoulder cause they know the history of where we're at.

 Q. Chay - How long have you've been recording music? How did you get into it?

A. Percy - I've been making music since middle school, I had no mic at all and I was recording off the school laptop based freestyling out loud to the mic built into the laptop straight off audacity, I have a whole tape out under a different alias from when I was like 14, I had been freestyling and shit long before that though but actually recording was like 2012.

Q. Chay - Based freestyles, you must be a Lil B fan?

 A. Percy - Fan? Hell no I'm Bitch Mob Task Force Member for life. I took a picture with Lil B at a show in RVA, his SECOND only show being in RVA but first headlining and he took a picture with everyone who waited in line after it, and seeing him at the time in 2013 I was like... 15 nigga gave me a positive ass hug and signed my vans, I still have those vans till this day I've been listening to Lil B since 2011 like I'm really based as fuck and I hate that people think they based when they the same niggas who used to clown and call people like me gay for wanting to be positive and liking the Based God, my favorite tapes are Red Flame (not the evil red edition even though I fuck with that one too) White Flame, #1 Bitch, and Blue Flame like this nigga really dropped a tape every month in 2012 I owe Lil B my life.

 Q. Chay - What is the origin behind the names Lil Percy and Percgod?

 A. Percy - Percocet, I was popping them while I was going through some shit and a lot of shit went downhill during that period of time in my life so I don't really want to talk much about shit like that, so I didn't want my name to be associated with a drug even so adding a Y to Perc makes Percy, which has become like my 3rd name now other than my real name I'm cool with being called Percy.

 Q. Chay - How long does it take you to create an EP?

 A. Percy - Not that long but the longest I've worked on one was Redemption and that was over the course of a month because that was me and Poozy actually like working together with fresh shit, and the shortest one was Percgod is Lonely 1 which I recorded all 3 of those songs in about 15 minutes

Q. Chay - How did you come up with sensational cloud rap?

A. Percy - Well I'm a Cloud Rapper, don't want to be known as anything else so because it's not exactly cloud and I don't really sound like anyone out I'm sure it's okay to make my own genre, I have a definition for it too it's on Urban Dictionary.

 Q. Chay - How is it working with Poozy, someone who has worked in hardcore music and now working in Noise Rap?

 A. Percy - THAT NIGGA IS A G O D, no boost, like I'm always give credit where credit is due that's like the homie too so like not even trying to be biased either but when we work together shit always nice, like he knows how I think and he can translate that into how things should sound, like he’s really a talented dude, totally a different breed of musician because of what he does and how much he does, easily one of my favorite people to work with shout out P_R.

Q. Chay - Lastly, when are we getting new music from you?

A. Percy - Never.

Charlotte Sartre: My 10 Favorite Spider Species

Charlotte Sartre aka Goth Charlotte presents a list of her favorite species of spiders.

10. Grammastola Pulchripes

This stunner is commonly known as the Chaco Golden Knee. They are a slow-moving, docile species with itchy urticating hairs. (microscopic hairs with tiny barbs at the end that they either shed as a defense mechanism or come off involuntarily when you pet the spider). This species was the first tarantula I ever got so it holds a special place in my heart. I named my first one, who’s still pretty small, Angel of course after my favorite and the HOTTEST former Giants player, Angel Pagan. He’s taking a year off baseball right now to spend time with his family. I hope it’s only a year and that he doesn’t retire next season, but he’s getting old. He’s only 35 but that’s like, 85 in baseball player years. Anyway, I also have a full-grown G. Pulchripes that my friend Alex gave to me when she moved out of her place and needed to find a home for him. I named him Draymond after Draymond Green, the Golden State Warriors’ power forward and offensive testicle-kicker.

9. Grammastola Pulchra

In my opinion, the Brazilian Black is the most beautiful, velvety, and goth-looking species of tarantula. I have one named Marlon after a former Giants player. They are a docile, gentle, and slow-growing species. I used to have two, one was a spiderling I received as a gift from a porn director. They bought it online for the scene thinking it was going to be a full grown adult and it arrived as a tiny little baby. I was living in San Francisco at the time and had flown to LA for the shoot, so I smuggled it on the plane with me in my carry-on. For some reason one day it stopped eating no matter how often I offered food. I thought it was perhaps fasting in preparation of molting (spiders have to get skinny before they can squeeze out of their exoskeleton) so I thought nothing of it. One day I found it motionless with its legs curled up under themselves and I cried so fucking much and felt immense guilt. I don’t know what I did wrong, or if it was something out of my control. Infant/spiderling mortality is common and these things happen sometimes for no explicable reason but it’s still heartbreaking. I miss my little spiderling so much. Rest in peace baby.

8. Ceratogyrus Darlingi

This is commonly known as the Horned Baboon Tarantula for the ridiculous, goofy-ass looking horn on its carapace. This species is found in Africa, mostly Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa specifically. They are a terrestrial, burrowing species. I had a spidering C. Darlingi for a short period of time that I received as a gift with another tarantula I purchased online. He or she didn’t live very long because I went out of town and my auntie took care of it, mistakenly gave this desert-dwelling species too much water and a combination of excess humidity and probable mold growth killed my baby. I was very sad over the loss and upset. Maybe one day I’ll have another and try again but I’m not ready to move on yet. Rest in peace baby.

7. Poecilotheria Metallica

This beautiful species is commonly known as the Gooty Sapphire Ornamental. They are only found in India. They are an arboreal species requiring lots of humidity and height to climb around on and they build a network of webs like nobody’s business. So far, the P. Metallica is the only Old World species of tarantula that I own. Tarantulas can mainly be divided into two groups: New World and Old World. New World includes North and South America and tarantulas from that part of the world are generally less aggressive and more defensive, meaning they’re more likely to use urticating hairs as a defense mechanism and biting as a last resort, far less venomous, and have slightly easier care requirements.

6. Lycosidae

Now, I’m moving on from tarantulas to true spiders because they are also hella intriguing to me. Wolf spiders belong to the family Lycosidae. They are fairly large and while mostly non-aggressive, their venom is poisonous to humans and a bite from one of these can be very painful. I’ve only seen one once, as a teenager. It was slowly and nonchalantly crawling across my bedroom curtain, just not giving a fuck. That’s the only time I’ve ever been scared of a spider in my entire life, due to the sheer size of it and its goddamn attitude. I did not sleep in my bedroom for an entire month after that, even though they can live up to 11 years given the correct habitat/environment. I did not know this at the time nor did I know of its venom toxicity but I’m glad I followed my instinct after encountering one.

5. Argiope Aurantia

These beauties are commonly known as black-and-yellow garden spiders. They are harmless to humans and create gorgeous, intricate webs for humans to appreciate and enjoy from afar. These stunning creatures sit in the center of their web, waiting for prey. They are so astonishingly pretty and the talented for the artistic webs they weave.

4. Agelenopsis spp.

These are known as grass spiders or funnel weavers. They are timid and non-aggressive, and downright cute as hell. You can often find them in… grass, obviously, or in bushes where they build tunnel-like webs where they wait for their prey. NOT to be confused with the dangerous funnel web spider of Australia. These little sweeties are harmless to humans! In grass, they run around really quick and are adorable to watch. I’ve never had the pleasure of watching one feed on prey but I would imagine that it’s an endearing site. If you see any of these little friends in your yard or garden, please welcome them.

3. Phidippus Audaux

This is a common, yet strikingly beautiful type of jumping spider found widespread throughout the US and Canada. I love their black bodies with fuzzy white little stripes on the legs, and they have a cute white spot on the back of their abdomen. Not to mention those gorgeous green fangs and beautiful eyes! I used to keep all kinds of jumping spiders as pets when I was a child and these have always been my favorite. Jumping spiders are the most intelligent of all species of spider because they mathematically calculate their jump trajectories. Awesome!

2. Steatoda Grossa

I’ve enclosed two pictures of this fascinating species because the males look very interesting and have a different personality. The Steatoda Grossa is known as the false widow because they look so much like black widows, except that they’re brown. Not to be confused with the brown widow, which has striped legs and the tell-tale red hourglass on the underside of its abdomen. Male Steatoda Grossa are most often seen at night when they come out searching for mates. Female Steatoda Grossa mostly keep to their webs and guard any egg sacs they may have. Unlike the true black widow, their venom is very mild and harmless to humans. I also love the males of this species because they have a cute and unmistakable smiley shape-esque pattern on the back of their abdomen. Once as an experiment I put a male steatoda grossa in with one of my female latrodectus mactans hoping they would perhaps mate and create a new species of spider. As soon as I dropped him in the enclosure she charged at him, wrapped him in her web and drained his life in an instant. A sad story of unrequited love between arthropods or human foolishness? You be the judge.

1. Latrodectus Mactans

One of the most beautiful and definitely the most understood and feared species of spider. I love black widows. I used to breed them when I was 17 and 19. I kept them in their own separate enclosures and would let them crawl all over my hands and arms. They are very shy creatures and immediately wanted to be back in their enclosures because they were afraid. I’ve never been bitten by one or any spider at all in the history of my entire life. The female black widow only needs to mate once and from then on she can store enough sperm to fertilize all the eggs she will ever produce. I think that’s very inspiring. When one of the black widows I kept as a 17-year-old had an egg sac I thought it would be nice to release her and her babies into the wild. My twin brother offered to do it so I let him. Later on I found out that instead of releasing her, he and his cunt friend stepped on her and her unborn babies, heartlessly murdering them both. I cried for days and days until I got my first tarantula to fill the void left in my heart. That void still hasn’t been filled I think because now I have 8 tarantulas and I keep getting more.

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Crimewave x Blvc Svnd - HMD (ep)

New Crimewave ep produced by BLVC SVND out now. Listen below

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lil Percy - RYOKUGAN (video)

Lil Percy just released his single for the track "Ryokugan" produced by BMB's Evil Haze. Stream Percy's newest release "Moon" below

Poozy - Worrier ft. False Prpht (audio)

Richmond's own, Poozy just released a song featuring fellow Prison Religion member False Prpht. Produced by Poozy and Russian artist Xerogi

Prison Religion merch available here
Listen below



"No im not fine
Its shitty sometime
The city sunken
O No its not fine
I worship money
My god in neon
A scene w honey
The milk just pours out
Until its all out
A Billion starving
Larva eats clout
A smile carving 
I see in full doubt
Of a life boat
I see in full doubt
No suicide note
Pleasure wars
A million miles
God is money
The deadly smile
Worship death 
Give me bread
Kiss the feet
Of crocodiles
 Alone at night
Haunted house 
My buzzing skin
it Turns inside out 
A worrier
On xanax
w Iron skirt
A Ballerina
In runs
A gunman
Whos reckless
Fucks up shit
And shoots the whole place up"

False Prpht

"Hey bb gurl go head throw that pussy on me 
Hugn n touchn on me 
Two snakes movin thru the sheets 
Go head back thang up
Hit it from the back 
False-eto when she scream
Ridin that ass 
Freaks on a leash 
Ima slug when i creep"

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Meet Yung Flex

Niguel Deloatch also known as Yung Flex and Yung Flex La Flare is a 17-year-old rapper from Newport News, Virginia. Flex is different from other rappers not only does he make art, rap, and produce, he has a real passion for music that you don't always see in the rap scene. He doesn't just want fame and money; he genuinely loves music. Yes, there is a lot of rap metal fusion going on in the underground scene, the difference with flex is he loves metal music and can actually name the samples he uses, he doesn't just want to seem trendy and edgy. With his chokers and color nail polish he's very much not hyper masculine, it's cool though he's like the hood version of Sworn In. What samples from bands such as Mastodon, Slayer, and Knocked Loose Yung Flex's hardcore rap style will sure to have you ready to drop kick someone in the neck.

Q. Chay - Who has influenced you the most outside of rap music?

A. Flex - Probably Jeff Hardy & Marilyn Manson because, in their own ways they express the message to be yourself and express yourself no matter what anyone else thinks

Q. Chay - How did you get into Marilyn Manson and other Nu metal/Industrial metal music?

A. Flex - Mainly through WWE, I've always loved the late 90s Attitude Era since I was little and hearing musicians like Manson and Limp Bizkit and Drowning Pool got me super into those subgenres. Also, a girl I had a crush on in 5th grade put me on to a lot of similar bands like Slipknot, System of a Down, and Papa Roach.

Q. Chay - I've noticed you do a lot of art for other rappers/musicians, is art another passion of yours? If so what got you into art? who are some of your favorite artist? 

A. Flex - Art's something I've always been in to as far back as I can remember. I've just always been attracted to anything where I'm able to be creative and I've been making art since I was a little kid. Some of my favorite artists are Marilyn Manson of course, Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Tim Burton, Sergio Garcia, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and Banksy.

Q. Chay - What are two albums, two movies, and two art pieces that you'll say has similarities to your music?

A. Flex - For albums, I'd say WWF Aggression & Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish because they both incorporate rap & rock/metal like I do with my music. For movies, I'd say 8 Mile & Get Rich or Die Tryin' because they both show what the artists went through to get to where they are and I try to rap about my own struggle getting to where I want to be (in my more serious songs). For Art I'd say The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso because to me, it shows that no matter what you're feeling or going through music will always be there and I've always been one to keep pushing with my music no matter what's happening. I'd also choose this one piece by Marilyn Manson that kind of looks like a melting skull, I feel like that's a physical depiction of what my music sounds like. 

Q. Chay - Who are some of your favorite producers that are local? Who are you favorite producers you've worked with?

A. Flex - Even though they're technically not local I got to show love to my favs in Richmond: ItsGottii, Poozy, Sensei2400, SoundsBySoy, Yung Regret, and I'm probably forgetting. As for the 757 my favorites are probably Big Los and Memphis909. My favorite producers I've worked with directly are definitely Ghoulavelii/Big Bitter, Crimewave, BruhManeGod, Craigslist/Chainsaw and Martyr Boy

Q. Chay - Why should people care about Yung Flex? Why should people click the link to your music?

A. Flex - I feel like I bring an element to rap music that's rarely done correctly, and I make music for everyone whether you want something where I'm more serious or just having fun and saying whatever. I think it's easy for anyone to get into my music.

Q. Chay - Lastly, when is Pitmode dropping?

A. Flex - I don't have a concrete date yet, but it's definitely soon. It's about 98% done I want to make sure it sounds as good as possible. I feel like it's the best work I've done yet.


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Sedem Minút Strachu/PTAO - Split 7" (2015) Review

With a consistent, unbroken string of perfect recordings, Sedem Minút Strachu have rapidly climbed up tobe one of the most beloved noisecore acts going right now. And one of my personal favorite bands period. Up there with the contemporary greats of the genre like Sete Star Sept, Shitnoise Bastards, and Penis Geyser. Last year Psychocontrol Records released a split 7" between 7M$ and Czech noisecore lifers PTAO. A veteran band who have been around since the mid nineties, very creative work, fantastic group. What an excellent record this is, it's truly a beat down. 7M$ relentlessly tear ass on their side, perfectly executing brutal noisecore in their now staple way. Nonsense, low-end, distorted walls of bass cacophonously swarm the listener. With Jan's spastic, but crazy tight blasts and drum fills giving all of the 14 "songs" on here attention grabbing and pummeling momentum. It's one of my favorite recordings by the band so far. The bass's have a nice amount of mid-range tones that give them a little more crunch then usual. And they just go off, there's no mercy, no music is spared by the noise!

PTAO's side is another slab of pure brilliance. It's a 51 song slathering of orchestrated blasts from a finely aged band that has not gotten weary at all. Short 3-4 second microsongs make up the bulk of this piece. With varying intros and transitions between each attack of dual vocal grunts and blown out guitar. The classic stick clicks and snare hits are there. But PTAO also incorporate some stuttering stereo panning noises, samples, and drum beats of various styles during the course of their time here. I can't help but be captivated and in awe of the craftsmenship and creativity here. It's a wonderful sounding recording too, quality was not spared any expenses on this side. Both sides get two thumb's way up from ol' VII.

Psychocontrol did a wonderful packaging job for this split. The cover is a super thick and glossy fold over sleeve. Everything is neat and tidy, fully detailed and has numbered inner sleeves.

Pick this up, I implore you.

Listen: HERE!