Friday, June 29, 2012

10 Great Releases That Are Under 10 Minutes

I'm just gonna flat out say it; I can't stand long albums. To me, there is nothing more aggravating than a record that just goes on and on, overstaying it's welcome. I definitely think that this animosity comes from the very nature of grindcore, where a band can say all that they need to say in no time at all. Don't even get me started on grindcore albums that go on for too long (read this excellent post to see what I mean). Personally, I feel like a grindcore album shouldn't have to ever break the 20 minute mark. Even just 10 minutes of music is enough to keep me satisfied. So, with that being said, I present a list of 10 excellent releases that are under 10 minutes. Bitch, moan, or agree in the comments below.

10. Colony - "s/t": If you ever get the chance to see this band live, do it. Dude's have some of the most intense stage presences I've ever seen. The drummer alone looks like he's just about to explode from rage and testosterone. Their "s/t" 7" is a brilliant piece of ├╝ber-negative hardcore. Very strong down-tempo and sludge elements, there's actually very few fast parts on the entire record. It's a sound that I've grown to absolutely love, and these guys do it better than most.

9. Agents Of Abhorrence - "Earth.Water.Sun": Yeah, you all knew this was coming. In my ongoing mission to get everyone to listen too, and love this album, I shall remind you all that this is one of the best post-Discordance Axis style grind albums that has ever been made. There are razor sharp, bright, dissonant riffs by the truckload, with a fantastic drum performance serving as the backbone and excellent vocals being the cherry on top. These Aussie's now how to do it right, and this is their crowning achievement, so far.

8. Psychic Limb - "Queens": Another one that you all probably saw coming. I'm still amazed that Psychic Limb aren't getting talked about more, what the hell is wrong with you people? "Queens" was one of the most solid, enjoyable and well executed grind/hardcore records of last year, and I didn't see it make any year-end lists but mine. For shame. These dudes are pretty pretty much on every big grind show in NYC, so if you're in the area, you should be able to see them at least once. Amazing album.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Live Water Torture Album, With Cats!

Water Torture, one of my favorite drum/bass powerviolence bands, have just released a new live album/EP/thing via Prime Eggsampler records. Not only does it the cover art feature cats, the internets favorite animal, but we're also given a very raw taste of some new WT tunes! That should be enough for you to check this out. Stream it below, and also check out the rest of the bands on Prime Eggsampler, cause it is packed to the gills with good music. 


Monday, June 18, 2012

The Best News Ever!!!

We’ve heard unofficially through the grape vine that the new PIG DESTROYER album is just about completed, with only mastering and artwork left to be finished. Word also came with the news that a split with ROTTEN SOUND is still in the works. This new album, which very well may surface this summer through Relapse Records, is the first in roughly 5 years. PIG DESTROYER released Phantom Limb in 2007 through Relapse.” - taken from Nefarious Realm



Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Snakes

Are you a fan of fast bands that use the Entombed guitar sound? Yes? Then you should be all over Snakes. Hailing from Michigan, Snakes play heavy, metallic hardcore with a plethora of grooves, bad-ass bass breaks and sprinkles of blast beats thrown in the mix. Excellent breakdowns are also tossed in that are sure to cause some broken noses at shows. The recording is absolutely fantastic, utilizing the high-mid and treble guitar tone that we've all come to know and love very well. You could have told me this was recorded by Kurt Ballou and I wouldn't have doubted you for a second. Good stuff, check it out!


Friday, June 15, 2012

New Iron Lung Album?

Obviously, this would be fantastic news! Their last album, "Sexless//No Sex"(which came out 4 fucking years ago!), has become one of my favorite powerviolence albums, and a full length of new material would be one of the best things this year, for sure. Fingers crossed, anyone in the know should spill the details.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get Your Skull Stomped By Sordo

See, I'm really trying to get creative with my titles. All the other blogs I follow really have the quirky/kinda tongue-in-cheek title thing down. So, bare with me while I get better at it. I think only fans of the band will actually get the reference I'm making in the title here. Anyway, the band in question is the mighty Sordo, who are quickly becoming one of my favorite bass/drum powerviolence bands. People in the know will recognize this as the main musical outlet from our bosom buddy Eduardo of DIY Noise.

This California trio really know how to tear shit up, and have gotten better and better with each release they put out, consistently. Originally, they were a stupidly raw, almost bordering on noise, powerviolence band. But, with the recent recordings, their music really breaks through and makes the band truly shine. On their recent splits with Crutch and Chulo, the band sounds better than ever. The bass is absolutely punishing and thick, and the drums have an excellent punch to them. Kinda reminds me of the drum sound on the Water Torture EP. But most importantly, Sordo really knows how to write songs that are as enjoyable as they are brutal. And even better, I don't think there will be any shortage of new Sordo material! Their list of upcoming splits is just staggering. Follow them on Facebook and check out their split with Chulo below!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don't Be Dumb, Listen To Two New Afgrund Tracks!

Hot on the heals of releasing the new Phobia full-length, "Remnants of Filth", Willowtip Records is about to drop the new album from Sweden's Afgrund. Entitled "The Age Of Dumb"(subtle), Afgrund dishes out 18 tracks of ripping, modern grindcore. I honestly haven't payed much attention to this band, since they seemed to me to be just a Rotten Sound/Nasum worship band. But, you know, I like those two bands, so there really shouldn't be a reason for me to hate on Afgrund. And the two new tracks that are streaming are definitely rippers, and have convinced me to look into this band further. Listen to them now and share what you think! You can pick up the album on July 31st.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Interview WIth Sebastian Rokicki (Antigama)

It's with great pleasure and an honer to bring you this exclusive interview with Sebastian Rokicki, the guitarist for one of my favorite grindcore bands, Antigama. We talk about the new line-up, what has been happening with Antigama the past couple years, and their excellent, new EP, "Stop The Chaos"(available now from Selfmadegod Records). This interview was conducted over email.

Operation Grindcore: It's been a few years since there's been any new Antigama material, and it appears that a lot has happened in the band since 2009. Can you give a brief run down of what happened after the release of "Warning"?

Sebastian Rokicki: Well... we went on European tour with Fuck The Facts and Dr.Doom after 'Warning' was released; then in May 2009 we came to the US for shows with Complete Failure. Later that year and a through the half of 2010 we took part in a few dramas as a live soundtrack band and played in theatres in Poland. It was completely different experience but very important for us as a band. In the beginning of 2011 we recorded the material for a split CD with Psychofagist from Italy. Everything was going great when the bad news came. Lucas' daughter was diagnosed with leukemia... We'd spent that hard time supporting our friend until his daughter got better. The year has passed and we have a new minialbum recorded. We're back.

OG: The band has gone through some very heavy line-up changes, including the departure of your long time drummer, Krzysztof Bentkowski. Why did he leave the band?

Sebastian: He did not leave the band. I asked him to leave. Krzysiek is a very good and original drummer but a very tough partner in the band. After 11 years of playing together his conditions were unacceptable. 

OG: How did your new drummer, Pawel Jaroszewicz, join the band? I'm sure his impressive resume of bands he's been in was a big deciding factor. 

Sebastian: Pawel and Antigama happened to rehearse in the same building. To be honest, it came pretty naturally. I asked him if he would be interested and he was. And his experience in a band like Vader is a very positive factor for us.

OG: This year also sees the recorded return of founding vocalist, Lukas! Something that I'm very excited about. How did he get back into the band?

Sebastian: Thanks! Lucas is a monster on vocals. I love the way he does all the stuff and I'm very happy he's in the band again. All that time he had been very close to us but just busy with lots of things. He's been back in the band since 2010 to be precise...

New Sea of Shit Songs!

One of my favorite modern powerviolence outfits, and the band that put out my favorite EP of last year, are back in action and bringing the hate and filth with three new songs from their upcoming split 7" with Chicago dwellers, Consent. Back after a very brief hiatus after losing their guitar player, Mike. Fortunatly though, they decided to continue on, though they have hinted at these being their final songs. Hopefully that's not the case, but worry about that later. Until then, check out the new songs now!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Damaged Goods

This is a long long long long LONG overdue post. This here demo from Damaged Goods, my homies from NJ, is a top-notch, excellent, mosh-pit-bloodbath-inducing piece of hardcore. Professionally recorded and played by two young kids with the utmost knowledge and respect for hardcore and powerviolence of all kids, and it definitely shows; the songs on here showcase influences ranging from the discordant(Irong Lung, big influence on the riffs), to the beatdown. Fans of bands like Punch, Spazz, and the previously mentioned Iron Lung should definitely listen to this. These guys play a lot of shows, and hopefully will be recording later this year. Keep a look out, best young band going right now! Be sure to follow them on their Facebook too.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Powercup/Pizza Hi-Five - Split 10" Review

If you are a well-versed grindcore fan, stumbling upon a split between two bands called "Powercup" and "Pizza Hi-Five", respectably, should immediately make you turn away. If you're judging by first impressions alone, there's no way this split could be anything but hilariously awful. However, if you were at the time into getting a quick chuckle or two, you might actually take the time to spin the record. And, you might actually find out that both the bands are actually really damn good! Fortunately, I've been a fan of both of these bands for a while prior to this coming out, otherwise I probably would have slept on this, admittedly because of the goofy aesthetic, judge me if you will.
So first up we have Powercup, a Canadian duo who's whole schtick is lyrics based on powertools and home renovation. Wait, come back! I swear this is non-ironically awesome! Powercup's side is some of the most enjoyably fun grindcore I've heard all year. How can you not enjoy a band with songs about Tim Allen("From criminal to renovator/from criminal to renovator"), or telling you the benefits of taking a lunch break("Lunch break/eating is important/lunch break/food is good")? It's hilariously dumb, and has enough kick ass music to back it up! The music on here is simple, catchy, and oh so enjoyable. And it has an excellent, bassy recording. If I did have one minor complaint, it's that the performances on here are very loose and sloppy, like the band is having a hard time keeping up with itself. Honestly though, for music like this, it doesn't really matter.
Now, Pizza Hi-Five and me have a history. Back when I was just getting into underground grindcore a few years ago, I was big into the Ohio scene, where Pizza Hi-Five come from. They were one of my favorites out of the bunch, and I've really blown away about how much attention and praise the band is getting. I think it's excellent and well deserved! Also a duo, PHF play fast as fuck, and heavy as fuck mince/grind. Like if you took all your Archagathus and Agathocles records and slowed them down as well as speeding them up. That's a grindcore zen riddle for you, right there. But I digress, Pizza Hi-Five, like Powercup, are instantly enjoyable and likable. Definitely more of a visceral band, with a guitar sound as thick as molten mozzarella cheese. But, they still do let some silliness slip out; handclaps, some squeaky-falestto-ish vocals, and song after song about smoking that sweet, green herb.  I honestly can't say anything bad about this split, it's really damn good. I definitely suggest everyone checks this out, and keeping an eye on these bands. MINCE! RENOVATE! SMOKE! RAHHH!

Rating: 8.5/10


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Download Some New Cloud Rat Tracks Fo' Free!

Your favorite Michigan grind trio, the wonderful Cloud Rat, have just put up their side of their upcoming split LP with Republic of Dreams for free download. Six tracks this time around; still heavy, still moody, still intense, it's everything I have come to love and expect from Cloud Rat. The split should be available sometime next month, and and in addition, a split with Orgullo Primitivo and a 2nd full-length entitled Moksha are nearing completion. Holy shit, right? These guys are busy busy busy. Download the tracks here and support Cloud Rat!


Monday, June 4, 2012

A Couple Short Reviews

Death Of Self - "Mental Disintegration": I would like to graciously thank Ethan, the singer from Death of Self, for emailing me and telling me about this new project. With all my heart, I thank you. This new EP, "Mental Disintegration", from the Denver, CO grind trio is the total package when it comes to visceral, gut shredding grindcore. The recording is a deliciously raw/polished mix; big, fat guitar sound, crushing riffs that occasionally go into discordant territory, and some well places stops and starts. Also, people in the know should immediately singer/guitarist Ethan Lee from Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire(long band name is long), and he dishes out proper vocal brutality. Dude sounds like a fucking animal. Seriously, Ethan is a straight up beast. The sludge/doom influences from CTTTOAFF present themselves on this EP now and again, but they're are thankfully kept to somewhat of a minimum and worked into the unrelenting, blasting grind chaos tastefully and naturally. Killer EP, pray for a physical release soon!

Revengeance - "John Q. Citizen": I don't get exposed to much hardcore from Portugal, so discovering Revengeance is a real treat for me. Fast hardcore with some 90's-era flavors is the name of the game here, 3-chord riffs and breakdowns blended in with fast tempos and some occasional blast beats, all captured in an excellent recording. I can see fans of bands like Extortion and Infest getting down with these guys pretty hard, and while I am a big fan of both those bands, there's on thing keeping me from really loving this EP; the female vocals. Hate me of you want, but I am rarely rarely RARELY a fan of male vs. female vocal deliveries when it comes to powerviolence/hardcore. Especially if her vocals are high pitched and cleanly sung, which they are here. It's like oil and water to me, it just doesn't mix. Didn't work for me with Hatred Surge, didn't work for me with Despise You and it doesn't feel right here. Overall though, it's a good EP worth checking out.