Thursday, June 7, 2012

Powercup/Pizza Hi-Five - Split 10" Review

If you are a well-versed grindcore fan, stumbling upon a split between two bands called "Powercup" and "Pizza Hi-Five", respectably, should immediately make you turn away. If you're judging by first impressions alone, there's no way this split could be anything but hilariously awful. However, if you were at the time into getting a quick chuckle or two, you might actually take the time to spin the record. And, you might actually find out that both the bands are actually really damn good! Fortunately, I've been a fan of both of these bands for a while prior to this coming out, otherwise I probably would have slept on this, admittedly because of the goofy aesthetic, judge me if you will.
So first up we have Powercup, a Canadian duo who's whole schtick is lyrics based on powertools and home renovation. Wait, come back! I swear this is non-ironically awesome! Powercup's side is some of the most enjoyably fun grindcore I've heard all year. How can you not enjoy a band with songs about Tim Allen("From criminal to renovator/from criminal to renovator"), or telling you the benefits of taking a lunch break("Lunch break/eating is important/lunch break/food is good")? It's hilariously dumb, and has enough kick ass music to back it up! The music on here is simple, catchy, and oh so enjoyable. And it has an excellent, bassy recording. If I did have one minor complaint, it's that the performances on here are very loose and sloppy, like the band is having a hard time keeping up with itself. Honestly though, for music like this, it doesn't really matter.
Now, Pizza Hi-Five and me have a history. Back when I was just getting into underground grindcore a few years ago, I was big into the Ohio scene, where Pizza Hi-Five come from. They were one of my favorites out of the bunch, and I've really blown away about how much attention and praise the band is getting. I think it's excellent and well deserved! Also a duo, PHF play fast as fuck, and heavy as fuck mince/grind. Like if you took all your Archagathus and Agathocles records and slowed them down as well as speeding them up. That's a grindcore zen riddle for you, right there. But I digress, Pizza Hi-Five, like Powercup, are instantly enjoyable and likable. Definitely more of a visceral band, with a guitar sound as thick as molten mozzarella cheese. But, they still do let some silliness slip out; handclaps, some squeaky-falestto-ish vocals, and song after song about smoking that sweet, green herb.  I honestly can't say anything bad about this split, it's really damn good. I definitely suggest everyone checks this out, and keeping an eye on these bands. MINCE! RENOVATE! SMOKE! RAHHH!

Rating: 8.5/10


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