Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get Your Skull Stomped By Sordo

See, I'm really trying to get creative with my titles. All the other blogs I follow really have the quirky/kinda tongue-in-cheek title thing down. So, bare with me while I get better at it. I think only fans of the band will actually get the reference I'm making in the title here. Anyway, the band in question is the mighty Sordo, who are quickly becoming one of my favorite bass/drum powerviolence bands. People in the know will recognize this as the main musical outlet from our bosom buddy Eduardo of DIY Noise.

This California trio really know how to tear shit up, and have gotten better and better with each release they put out, consistently. Originally, they were a stupidly raw, almost bordering on noise, powerviolence band. But, with the recent recordings, their music really breaks through and makes the band truly shine. On their recent splits with Crutch and Chulo, the band sounds better than ever. The bass is absolutely punishing and thick, and the drums have an excellent punch to them. Kinda reminds me of the drum sound on the Water Torture EP. But most importantly, Sordo really knows how to write songs that are as enjoyable as they are brutal. And even better, I don't think there will be any shortage of new Sordo material! Their list of upcoming splits is just staggering. Follow them on Facebook and check out their split with Chulo below!


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