Friday, June 8, 2012

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Damaged Goods

This is a long long long long LONG overdue post. This here demo from Damaged Goods, my homies from NJ, is a top-notch, excellent, mosh-pit-bloodbath-inducing piece of hardcore. Professionally recorded and played by two young kids with the utmost knowledge and respect for hardcore and powerviolence of all kids, and it definitely shows; the songs on here showcase influences ranging from the discordant(Irong Lung, big influence on the riffs), to the beatdown. Fans of bands like Punch, Spazz, and the previously mentioned Iron Lung should definitely listen to this. These guys play a lot of shows, and hopefully will be recording later this year. Keep a look out, best young band going right now! Be sure to follow them on their Facebook too.


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