Friday, September 30, 2011

The Members of Landmine Marathon Talk About Their Top 5 Most Influential Albums

Landmine Marathon are a killer band, and they were actually the first band labeled "grind" that I heard. This blog might not even exist without them! I thought it would be cool if the members of Landmine Marathon did a list of the top 5 albums that influenced them the most. So here are 4/5 of Landmine Marathon's lists! Buy their new album Gallows here

Matt Martinez(Bass)

Metallica - Kill Em All
I first heard this record around 1986 and immediately I decided that I wanted to play bass. The bass was distorted, fat and angry but such a driving force in the songs. The songs were some of the fastest that I had ever heard at the time. When the track “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” came on and I heard “bass solo, take one” my mind was completely blown.

Earache Records-Grindcrusher Comp
So after years of thinking that Metallica was the fastest, most brutal band around, I saw Napalm Death’s video for “Suffer the Children”. I was instantly sold. This was the sound that was in my head and I needed more. My instinct was to investigate the label which put out this harsh amalgamation of metal and punk. I found that they had just released a compilation with Napalm Death and a lot of similar bands. This was my first exposure to Bolt Thrower, Repulsion, Heresy, Nocturnus, Morbid Angel and many more. This was the beginning of a love affair that has still not died out. I have owned this comp on cassette, cd, and a few years ago a good friend gave me a copy of the vinyl version with the bonus Napalm Death/Electrohippies split 7”.

Crossed Out - Discography
I do not know if I first heard Crossed out on their split with Drop Dead, or their split with Man is the Bastard, but when I heard them my first thought that this is the most angry, violent and scary band I had ever heard. Their music is a sonic beatdown, totally powerful and too the point! Words are not minced with this band. Crossed out can do no wrong in my book!

Melvins - Lysol
The Melvins have been a huge influence on me. One of the loudest, heaviest bands ever, their mix of short and fast songs and long and slow songs made me an instant fan. I am not sure if I have a favorite record from them. Ozma/ Gluey Porch Treatments was my first Melvins purchase and is still a favorite to this day. There is something about Joe Preston’s bass playing and tone that always brings me back to Lysol. Their renditions of Alice Cooper and Flipper tunes make the songs viable Melvins songs.

Man is the Bastard - Thoughtless
Eric Wood is one of my favorite people first and foremost, but also a very influential musician. All of his projects have removed any trend based pretenses and created something unique and powerful. Thoughtless is my favorite Man is the Bastard albums through and through. Their best recording and the songs are just punishing with tons of heart.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rageahol: Why Scion Doesn't Really Matter

So, I have been reading up on the whole Scion/metal controversy and have come to the conclusion that neither side of the whole thing makes any sense. At all.

Here are some of the typical responses I have seen when the topic comes up.

“All the bands that work with scion are sellout!!!!"

Did Magrudergrind add a keyboard player? Were the vocals on the last Gridlink album autotuned? Did Wormrot throw in a techno breakdown on the “Noise” EP that I haven’t heard about yet? No? Nothing like that happened? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP! Sellout to me means changing your style in an attempt to "broaden your fanbase" AKA GIT THAT MONEY SON!!! None of the bands that have worked with Scion have done that. They're still making the same ugly ass music as before, thankfully. So, that argument is out the window.

"Now the scene is gonna get flooded with a bunch of trendy hipsters!!!"

Ummm...look around you. Too late, dipshit. Besides, that shit was gonna happen with or without Scion. It is just how it goes.

"I don't want some giant evil corporation nosing around in my scene!!!!"

Fair enough. I actually don't have a snarky comeback to that one. All I can say is, i never got my underwear in a bunch about that sort of thing. They make cars, not sure what is so awful about that. I have not really heard any stories about Toyota or Scion treating their employees like shit. You can make the argument that ANY 9-5 job is treating you like shit because it robs yer soul of whatever the fuck but, really? Grow up. As far as I know the cars are not made out of infant corpses *tho maybe that would be a plus for you goregrind guys yes?* so other than just a knee jerk reaction to corporate interaction, I don’t really think this point holds a whole lot of water, but I get it on some level.

The one thing that I have not really seen anyone talk about is why Scion would want to get involved in a very small subculture that has a tendency to reject dealing with people like them on general principle. Well, a quick Google search brings up this article. It looks like they have been doing this sort of thing from the start but just recently branched out into metal. I guess for them, its more along the lines of changing their image from a faceless multinational corporation to something with a bit more character. Scion's VP is quoted as saying that he does not really care if they get anything out of this. I am not necessarily buying that. They can only toss money at something for so long without seeing a return on it before it will come to an end, but lets give this guy the benefit of the doubt and take him at his word. So, a large corporation is offering to let underground bands do whatever the hell they want and keep 100% creative control of what they are doing. Shit. That's better than most record contracts I have read about. If these bands are giving up anything *other than cred amongst the internet nerds* I have yet to hear about it. Everyone involved has had nothing but positive things to say about working with the car company, so I have to ask. What's the problem? Go to the shows, get the free albums. No one is saying you have to ever give money to Toyota or Scion. In fact, it sounds like they are already counting on that. At the end of the day tho, I am not sure why everyone is upset about a group of people helping out bands we like and actually giving them respect for what they do. I think it’s a nice change of pace seeing people embrace creativity and rewarding them for it.

~Marc Sabo

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Defeatist-Tyranny of Decay

I have never bothered to check out Defeatist before Tyranny of Decay. The main reason being that their album covers have always turned me away from giving them a listen. Music and art have a very intertwined relationship for me, so when I see a generic photoshopped album cover I expect the band to sound generic as well. Luckily for you and me, Defeatist don't sound as generic as their album covers might suggest.
The twelve tracks on Tyranny of Decay show a band that is not afraid to add some non-grind sounds and influences into the mix. From the first time I listened to Tyranny of Decay, I have noticed a slight black metal influence. From the overall production, to the vocal style of Aaron Nichols, I have been thinking of Defeatist as a more grindy Cobalt. The influences don't stop at black metal though and on tracks like "Choking the Light" and "World Left Behind" there is a bit of , dare I say, melody. The instrumentation on Tyranny of Decay is also something to take note of. The technical, yet never showy guitar work is something that will take Defeatist far. And the drumming is also unique, while not really playing traditional blast beats, it is still in your face and aggressive. There are even a couple of instrumental tracks on this album, which is something that most bands couldn't pull off.
The only criticism I have(other than the album art) is that the songs kind of blend together and I can't really tell them apart, but overall I thoroughly enjoy this album and want to go back and give all of their other albums that I have neglected a listen. Along with Total Fucking Destruction's Hater, Tyranny of Decay is one of the most unique grind albums I have heard all year, and if you are looking for some interesting grind, I recommend you check out Defeatist right now.

~Andrew Lipscomb

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

INTHESHIT-King of the Grindcore Jungle

When I listen to a release, I usually have to listen to it for a few days to actually let it sink in with me, so it's not very often that I hear something and immediately love it. To hear King of the Grindcore Jungle for the first time and absolutely love it, was a great surprise. With an album title like King of the Grindcore Jungle, I expected INTHESHIT to be more of a grind band. Like, I don't know why, but I kind of expected them to be some overproduced grind band like Rotten Sound, Mumakill, etc. Man, was I wrong. Instead of some weak, super produced grind, I got some face-stomping, pissed off grindviolence.
One of the things that instantly stood out to me about INTHESHIT, was the vocals. These are some of the raspiest screams I have ever heard. I have seen a lot of reviewers abuse describing vocalists as sounding like they are "gargling napalm", but that is probably the best description I can give you of INTHESHIT's vocal sound. Another killer thing they add to the vocal mix is some awesome classic powerviolence shouts! The music is crazy and in your face too. Their music is like a punch to the face, but in a good way. On King of the Grindcore Jungle there are some interesting groove parts, that I really enjoy. Don't think of thirty-second groove parts though, think five seconds of pure catchiness. There are also some other really sweet elements on this release that stick out for me; like gang vocals, dissonant guitar riffs, and some killer double bass drumming.
The only gripe I have with King of the Grindcore Jungle is the length of it. I mean there are six songs on this album that clock in at around five minutes and INTHESHIT are so good that I just want more! With a sound that's so angry and in your face, I can't imagine INTHESHIT spelling their name in anything other than all caps! Grinders, you need to give INTHESHIT a listen right now!

~Andrew Lipscomb

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bandcamp Artist of the Week: The Atrocity Exhibit

The Atrocity Exhibit are one of the many great grind bands that have been coming out of the UK lately. I don't really know what is going on over there lately, but so many great bands have been popping up like The Afternoon Gentleman, Atomck, and Gran Toucher. Anyway, The Atrocity Exhibit play some seriously pissed off grind, that makes me want to get up and start punching everything I see in my house. They have two releases available on Bandcamp, Damned and Blasted and Grind Over Matter. I really enjoy both releases, but I would have to say Damned and Blasted(their latest release) is my favorite. Grind Over Matter is more of a straight grind album, with mostly shorter songs and a more demo-ish sound to it. Damned and Blasted on the other hand is really something special. It has some intense moments of grind fury of course, but it also expands on the more doomy and sludgier sound that was experimented on "I Hear the Gathering of the Vultures" from Grind Over Matter. It kind of baffles me that two distinctly different genres such as grind and doom can be fused together and sound so good. The vocals are great, and there are some sweet riffs being cranked out! With most grind bands now forgetting about bassists it's also a breath of fresh air to hear some bass. I highly recommend checking out The Atrocity Exhibit right this second!

P.S. It should also be noted how insanely awesome the cover art to Grind Over Matter is!

~Andrew Lipscomb

Wormrot - "Noise EP" Review

Wormrot in 2011 is an unstoppable force of grind. They released their 2nd full length "Dirge", toured the USA and currently Europe, shared the stage of the 2011 Scion Rock Fest with the likes of Bastard Noise, Fuck the Facts, Floor and Nails among others, and now today see's the release of their brand new 5-track EP "Noise", released on Scion A/V/Earache Records.
I'm not gonna heavily get into the whole "Scion" debate, all I'll say is that I really dig what they're doing and that they are supporting awesome bands and probably spending crazy amounts of money so that we, the fans, can get free music and go to free shows. If you wanna bitch and complain about that, be my guest.
But I digress, "Noise" is 5 minutes and 11 seconds of brutal, fast, catchy grindcore that we know and love from Wormrot. A definite continuation from "Dirge" in terms of studio quality, though with a bit more beefy guitar tone this time around. The songs still retain the blazingly fast tempos, stop-start riffs and tempo changes, and stupidly good vocals from Arif. Though there are a few interesting nuances this time around, like the high register gang shouts in "False Assumptions", and the chaotic drum flurries and Iron Maiden-esque riff at the end of "Perpetual Extinction", probably my favorite song on the EP. The only flub I can think off is the curiously sloppy drumming on "Loathsome Delusions".
In the end "Noise" is another solid effort from Wormrot, a release that doesn't seem rushed and released just for the sake of having another release. You can download it for free here or wait for the CD and 10" versions (why the fuck not a 7"??), which I suggest cause you get to have the fucking awesome cover artwork. The Scion logo is even smaller this time around so y'all don't have to complain about that as much!

Rating: 8/10


Friday, September 16, 2011

Man Will Destroy Himself-This Is A Test

I really don't know if I would even call Man Will Destroy Himself a grind band. Sure they have fast songs, some blast beats, and they even appeared on This Comp Kills Fascists, but they are really more of a thrashy punk band. I probably wouldn't have checked them out if I had seen them described as thrash though, because let's face it, pretty much every thrash band from the last 10 or 15 years has sucked(which is weird for me to say since I am only 15, but it is true.) Nevertheless, I think Man Will Destroy Himself's thrashy riffs are great. Seeing as how the members of MWDH have been in various bands since before I was born, including their bassist Abe, who was in a band my dad used to go see called Aftermath A.D.(yeah, that is pretty awesome); they don't seem to consciously add a thrash sound into the mix, it just comes naturally, which is probably why it works so well for me. There is also a strong crust influence on This Is A Test, especially in the vocals. Crust is another genre that is pretty hit or miss with me(mostly miss), but just like the thrashy elements on this album the crusty parts work well and sound great.
All eight tracks on This Is A Test stand on their own, and they each are very memorable. Part of this being that they are all over one minute and thirty seconds long. For a band like MWDH, short thirty second long songs just wouldn't work. All of these songs are able to develop and it is a relief to be able to jam on a riff for more than ten seconds every once and a while. The instrumentation is great on this album too. Like I have mentioned before there are plenty of great riffs present, and there are even some solos that are worked into the songs that sound great! Some cool bass sections are also a great addition and the drumming isn't just your standard blast fest.

Overall, I really enjoy This Is A Test and it has already been getting a good amount of listens from me and I expect it to get a lot more! Some stand-out tracks for me are "Flood"(the longest song on the album, which comes in at 3:11), "Catalyst", and "Circle the Drain." Don't let the thrash tag scare you away, MWDH deserve to be listened to now!

Listen here
Rating: 9/10

~Andrew Lipscomb

ACxDC-The Second Coming

The new ACXDC is now available for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp! I have had this EP on repeat for a few days and it totally rules. It has gotten better with every listen! Almost every song features a sample from a movie, such as The Big Lebowski, Anchorman, The Dark Knight, etc. Sometimes samples get on my nerves, which is one of the reasons why I can't get into a band like Graf Orlock, but they don't bug me at all on "The Second Coming." Everything on this album is great, the vocals rule(I have mentioned before how much I love higher pitched vocals), all the instruments sound really solid too. The music is fast and raw, but the production is still clear enough, and each instrument is audible enough so that everything doesn't sound like one big blur. The lyrics are hilarious too, take the song "T-Shirt Time" for example:

Jersey Shore fucks
In Speedo trunks

Spray on tans
Hair spray and fist pumps

I hope your tanning bed
Gets locked with you inside of it
We have got a grenade
About to blow this situation

Reality television
Feeding bullshit to the children
What your kind is in need of
Plastic surgery with a shotgun

Any song that rips on Jersey Shore that hard is great to me! If you are in the mood to listen to some great tunes check out The Second Coming now!

Listen here
Rating: 7.5/10

~Andrew Lipscomb

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stream The New Defeatist Album "Tyranny of Decay"

     Brooklyn grind trio Defeatist are now streaming their new full length "Tyranny of Decay" on their bandcamp page, with the option to buy it "at your own price" with a pre-order for the vinyl version available as well. I know that a lot of you will just download it for nothing, but word on the street is that they financed this whole record themselves, so show these guys some love and throw them a few bucks would ya? Musically, it sounds like ordinary Defeatist; well thought out riffs, weird time signatures, and occasional grooves. Only 12 songs this time around, which is pretty sparse for a grind album, but it's short and sweet. There are a few songs that break the 2 minute mark, which is new territory for Defeatist. Also, it was recorded by the masterful Colin Marston (who also recorded the stupidly awesome Psychic Limb - "Queens"). Stream/purchase here and tell us what you think.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bandcamp Artist of the Week: Ultra//Negative

This week's Bandcamp artist of the week is another sick powerviolence band! The thing I dig the most about Ultra//Negative is their vocals, I love higher pitched vocals. There is something about higher pitched vocals that just make the music sound angrier as opposed to more guttural vocals that a lot of mince bands and more old school grind bands use. The music is good too, I hear some cool riffs and the drumming is pretty tight. They also have some slower, "doomier" sections too, that are good to add some variety. Their music has a cool, sort of chaotic vibe too, that I see a lot of powerviolence bands have. You can download their album/ep/whatever "Finally, I'm At Peace" here for free, or you could be cooler and buy the tape version from DIY Noise here. Also check out their facebook page here.

~Andrew Lipscomb

Pre-Order Fuck the Facts "Die Miserable" and "Misery" EP Now!! SO AWESOME!

     Awesome news everyone! Fuck the Facts have made pre-orders for their new album "Die Miserable" available on their bandcamp page today! The awesomeness continues however with the inclusion of a pre-order for the "Misery" CD EP, a side-release that was originally going to be paired with the vinyl version. Even MORE AWESOMNESS!! There is a cassette version "Die Miserable". Yes, cassette. Boss. CD and cassette versions are the only ones available directly from the band right now, the vinyl pre-order is at Relapse Records. Also, when you pre-order you get an immediate download to some new tracks. So dope. Pre-order here.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Operation Grindcore Label/Distro Update

First off, Operation Grindcore has some awesome upcoming releases planned:
The Green Terror/Lt. Dan split tape is still a go, and this will most likely be out some time next year. I'm not quite sure, because Lt. Dan and Green Terror already have a lot of planned releases that they need to record for first.

Also recently announced, which I am super stoked for, is the Hiroshima Vacation/Tough Luck split tape. They are both awesome, Hiroshima Vacation are a sick grindviolence band and Tough Luck play fast hardcore! Also interesting to note is that both of these bands are two pieces and all the members are 18 or under, which is sick! This should be out early next year!

Also I have added some stuff to the distro:
The new Get Destroyed 7", Operation Grindcore buttons, and some Green Terror stuff! I am also getting some patches in very soon!

Thanks to everyone for their support!

~Andrew Lipscomb

Evisorax - "Isle of Dogs" Review

     Now here's one that confuses me a little bit; a little 3-piece band from the UK called Evisorax, there new EP entitled "Isle of the Dogs" is released/distributed by Grindcore Karaoke, the cover art was done by Arif-fucking-Rot, and the thing was mastered by Scott-mo'fucking-Hull! This is the type of treatment you would expect from a Relapse Records band, not a small band who only had one other EP to their name before hand. So this thing looks and sounds amazing, and I applaud Evisorax for striving to work with the most professional people.

     But when it comes to the actual execution of the music, I'm a little bit baffled. Not 20 seconds into the first song I'm cringing at the off-time drums, a huge flaw that pops up throughout the EP, and when it comes to playing this type of technical/spazzy grindcore, tightness is sort-of a key factor. This guys are obviously good musicians, but I am amazed that no-one caught on to these flaws.
     Riff wise, this EP is pretty solid. Technical flourishes like sweep picking and constant tempo changes are there, and they throw in a few deathcore breakdowns in for good(?) measure. It's a style that I'm not that into, but I can give it a solid "pretty good". Download for free here.


VII's Favorite Grind/Hardcore/Powerviolence Vocalists

The vocalist is the messenger. The person who regurgitates his pre-written thoughts, beliefs, ideas, concepts and stories into a microphone and into the ears of the audience. In short, a vocalist is a necessity in a grind band. Here are a few of my all time favorite vocalists in the genre, I chose a few PV/hardcore vocalists too to make it a bit easier on me. All of these vocalists bring add something to their select bands that add that extra bit of awesomeness to the music the scream behind.

1. Aaron Kenyon(Man is the Bastard): Aaron Kenyon's voice brought so much intensity MITB. His gruff barks and his gravely screams were fueled by genuine anger and frustration. Incredibly political and socially conscious lyrics were his battle cries, and he delivered them with incredible power and volume. Listen here and here!

2. Rahi Geramifar(ex-Insect Warfare, Hatred Surge): Rahi only has two voices; growl and scream. He is a fucking non-stop vocalist, unrelenting in his delivery. No bullshit here, just a pure visceral vocal onslaught. His lyrics may be indecipherable, but he sure makes up for it in intensity. He now lends his vocals to fellow Texas bruisers Hatred Surge as a 2nd vocalist. His attack isn't as fast in that band, making his voice just a little bit more clear, but his trademark growl is still there. Listen here!

3. Jay Randall(Agoraphobic Nosebleed): I frickin love Jay's voice! It's definitely one of the more recognizable voices in hardcore/grind, nowadays going for more of a yell/loud talking technique. When he does scream though it sounds very loose and out of control, which I dig. He definitely doesn't sound like a "fine-tuned" vocalist, which may sound like an insult, but it's anything but. I think it adds a very unpredictable edge to his voice and makes it much more enjoyable to listen to. Plus, I love the way he puts words together and the vocal patterns he chooses. Listen here and here!

4: Lukasz Myszkowski(Antigama): Lukasz has one of the most interesting and recognizable voices in extreme music, matching the equally interesting weirdo-grind of Antigama. It's hard to really describe his vocals, at times it sounds like he's adding a little side-of-the-throat gurgle to his growl, a lot of times he seamlessly blends the growl/scream together into pure vocal gold, with occasional added vocal effects to boot. I'm so glad that he's back in Antigama and I can't wait to hear their new material! Listen here and here!

5: Matt Gomes(ex-In Disgust): Matt Gomes has one of the best, deepest, most chocolaty sounding growls in grind(violence), and it didn't sound out of place. A lot of times when a grind band has a deep-growl vocalist, it just sounds like a death metal singer that somehow ended up fronting a grindcore band, but Matt Gomes sounded genuine and had the perfect voice to match the down-tuned, blasting fury of In Disgust. Plus, he can do a sick pig squeal(see here.) Still pissed that band broke up!!! Listen here.

6. J.R. Hayes(Pig Destroyer, ex-Enemy Soil): J.R.'s vocals are absolutely disgusting. The noises that come out of his mouth are as slimy and grotesque as the lyrics he writes, making his sick, twisted fuck stories of stalkers, piss angels and girls in slayer jackets all the more hard hitting. Of course I mean all this is the best possible way. Listen here and watch the most badass thing ever here!

7. Andrew Beattie(ex-No Comment, ex-Man is the Bastard, Low Threat Profile, Dead Language): Andrew Beattie has one of the best open throat, pissed off yells I've ever heard, and he's only gotten better with age. The new super group Dead Language displays a new found grit and growl to his vocals. This guy is a beast! He sounds like someone that would be leading a massive protest. Listen here.

8. Mike Stitches(ex-Thousandswilldie, Standing on a Floor of Bodies): Mike Stiches has a one of a kind scream, one that I can instantly recognize. Kind of a bark/scream hybrid actually. Deep growls and harsh screams are also expertly executed. His vocals on the Standing on a Floor of Bodies demo are half the reason it's one of my favorite demos/grind releases ever. Download and listen here!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Must Listen to OSK. Right Now!!

     Every once and a while, I come across a grind band that truly excites me. A band that writes such great songs, and has such a great sound to them, that I take it upon myself to try and obtain everything that said band has released. OSK, is one of those bands. Hailing from the Great White North(specifically Vancouver), and with members of Massgrave in their ranks to boot. OSK, in a nutshell, create great, wonderful grindcore influenced powerviolence songs. Fast songs that blast out and end in the blink of an eye, but they also know how to right a catchy song with a great riff. For example, "Endless Repent", which has one of the best outro riffs I've heard in a while.
     I've been a fan of these guys for a few months now, and I think I have everything they've released, save for a demo tape that I'm sure is floating around somewhere. Split 7"s seem to be there thing, all of which are pictured above(in very shitty quality I might add, but do you know how hard it is to take a good birds-eye-view picture with a laptop? It's pretty fucking hard! I'll be getting a real camera soon). On  every split, except for the split with The Afternoon Gentlemen, they pretty much dominate the other band to the point that I wish they had both sides.  I hope a discography CD comes out soon so I can jam these on my ipod! Definitely hunt any of these splits down, and support OSK in anyway you can, cause they fucking rule. And if anyone knows how I can get a shirt, please let me know! 

Select Discography:
  • Demo(?)
  • split 7" with Warhero
  • split 7" with Scumbelly
  • split 7" with Roskopp
  • split 7" with The Afternoon Gentlemen

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BxSxR: Another Project From the Parlamentarisk Sodomi Guy

     Parlamentarisk Sodomi, PSUDOKU, and now BxSxR; yet another grind creation brought to us by the Norwegian master of one-man bands(He goes by many names, but I have yet to find his official one). The concept behind the music of BxSxR is a story that would make Frank Zappa proud. According to the Bandcamp description, all the lyrics were written by a failed experiment created by Norwegian scientists when they attempted to make humans out of pigs. The creation, aptly named Pig(which even has a striking resemblance to "Thing-Fish"), began writing poetry which his supervisors made the lyrics of their band. The concept is strange, but the music is pretty on par with what this dude has created in the past. The vocals are a bit more silly, but I guess that's what happens when you take your lyrics from the poetry of a pig-human-creature. There are 3 members listed, but I'm gonna bet this is still a one-man band. All in all, it's probably my least favorite of his projects, but it's interesting none-the-less. Stream some tracks here. Grind!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bandcamp Artist of the Week: Eddie Brock

Do you need more powerviolence in your diet? Do you just want to hear some awesome tunes? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you need to check out Eddie Brock right now! Listen to their S/T release here, it's pretty much just 12 tracks of pure awesomeness. They have classic powerviolence "gorilla" vocals, which I totally dig; and their songs are really memorable and catchy. I love the artwork too! I also see on their facebook page that they have an upcoming split 7" with Lapse that is going to be released on To Live A Lie, which is great. Eddie Brock is definitely a band that you should keep your eye on!

Buy their stuff here

~Andrew Lipscomb

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Good new's everyone! Fuck the Facts have debuted a brand new track called "A Cowards Existence" from their upcoming full-length "Die Miserable" today on their Bandcamp page, and boy is it a beast of a song! It wastes no time, starting right up with blast beats, dissonant riffs, and a layer of noisy feedback over everything. Very, very cool riffs throughout. In typical FTF fashion, it breaks into a more melodic passage halfway through the song (they seem to be one of the only bands that can get away with this). I really dig the production on this song, everything is very loud and punchy, the guitars sound great, and I like that the bass guitar is really audible in the mix. "Die Miserable" comes out October 11th on Relapse Records on CD and LP, which you can preorder now!. Listen to the track here, and definitely check these guys out live. No doubt there will be extensive touring in support of this album. Hopefully they come to your town!