Wednesday, September 21, 2011

INTHESHIT-King of the Grindcore Jungle

When I listen to a release, I usually have to listen to it for a few days to actually let it sink in with me, so it's not very often that I hear something and immediately love it. To hear King of the Grindcore Jungle for the first time and absolutely love it, was a great surprise. With an album title like King of the Grindcore Jungle, I expected INTHESHIT to be more of a grind band. Like, I don't know why, but I kind of expected them to be some overproduced grind band like Rotten Sound, Mumakill, etc. Man, was I wrong. Instead of some weak, super produced grind, I got some face-stomping, pissed off grindviolence.
One of the things that instantly stood out to me about INTHESHIT, was the vocals. These are some of the raspiest screams I have ever heard. I have seen a lot of reviewers abuse describing vocalists as sounding like they are "gargling napalm", but that is probably the best description I can give you of INTHESHIT's vocal sound. Another killer thing they add to the vocal mix is some awesome classic powerviolence shouts! The music is crazy and in your face too. Their music is like a punch to the face, but in a good way. On King of the Grindcore Jungle there are some interesting groove parts, that I really enjoy. Don't think of thirty-second groove parts though, think five seconds of pure catchiness. There are also some other really sweet elements on this release that stick out for me; like gang vocals, dissonant guitar riffs, and some killer double bass drumming.
The only gripe I have with King of the Grindcore Jungle is the length of it. I mean there are six songs on this album that clock in at around five minutes and INTHESHIT are so good that I just want more! With a sound that's so angry and in your face, I can't imagine INTHESHIT spelling their name in anything other than all caps! Grinders, you need to give INTHESHIT a listen right now!

~Andrew Lipscomb


  1. Pretty-boys biggest influence is Jon Chang of Discordance Axis/Gridlink.

  2. "King of the Grindcore Jungle" not Kings. Thank for the kind words my man. - Mike ITS

  3. Haha, don't know how I missed that: fixed

  4. heres some funny information.. SMC, the guitarist used to be in thousandswilldie, strong intention, anal cunt, and more. enjoy that. xb