Thursday, September 8, 2011

Operation Grindcore Label/Distro Update

First off, Operation Grindcore has some awesome upcoming releases planned:
The Green Terror/Lt. Dan split tape is still a go, and this will most likely be out some time next year. I'm not quite sure, because Lt. Dan and Green Terror already have a lot of planned releases that they need to record for first.

Also recently announced, which I am super stoked for, is the Hiroshima Vacation/Tough Luck split tape. They are both awesome, Hiroshima Vacation are a sick grindviolence band and Tough Luck play fast hardcore! Also interesting to note is that both of these bands are two pieces and all the members are 18 or under, which is sick! This should be out early next year!

Also I have added some stuff to the distro:
The new Get Destroyed 7", Operation Grindcore buttons, and some Green Terror stuff! I am also getting some patches in very soon!

Thanks to everyone for their support!

~Andrew Lipscomb

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