Thursday, September 8, 2011

Evisorax - "Isle of Dogs" Review

     Now here's one that confuses me a little bit; a little 3-piece band from the UK called Evisorax, there new EP entitled "Isle of the Dogs" is released/distributed by Grindcore Karaoke, the cover art was done by Arif-fucking-Rot, and the thing was mastered by Scott-mo'fucking-Hull! This is the type of treatment you would expect from a Relapse Records band, not a small band who only had one other EP to their name before hand. So this thing looks and sounds amazing, and I applaud Evisorax for striving to work with the most professional people.

     But when it comes to the actual execution of the music, I'm a little bit baffled. Not 20 seconds into the first song I'm cringing at the off-time drums, a huge flaw that pops up throughout the EP, and when it comes to playing this type of technical/spazzy grindcore, tightness is sort-of a key factor. This guys are obviously good musicians, but I am amazed that no-one caught on to these flaws.
     Riff wise, this EP is pretty solid. Technical flourishes like sweep picking and constant tempo changes are there, and they throw in a few deathcore breakdowns in for good(?) measure. It's a style that I'm not that into, but I can give it a solid "pretty good". Download for free here.


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