Monday, September 19, 2011

Bandcamp Artist of the Week: The Atrocity Exhibit

The Atrocity Exhibit are one of the many great grind bands that have been coming out of the UK lately. I don't really know what is going on over there lately, but so many great bands have been popping up like The Afternoon Gentleman, Atomck, and Gran Toucher. Anyway, The Atrocity Exhibit play some seriously pissed off grind, that makes me want to get up and start punching everything I see in my house. They have two releases available on Bandcamp, Damned and Blasted and Grind Over Matter. I really enjoy both releases, but I would have to say Damned and Blasted(their latest release) is my favorite. Grind Over Matter is more of a straight grind album, with mostly shorter songs and a more demo-ish sound to it. Damned and Blasted on the other hand is really something special. It has some intense moments of grind fury of course, but it also expands on the more doomy and sludgier sound that was experimented on "I Hear the Gathering of the Vultures" from Grind Over Matter. It kind of baffles me that two distinctly different genres such as grind and doom can be fused together and sound so good. The vocals are great, and there are some sweet riffs being cranked out! With most grind bands now forgetting about bassists it's also a breath of fresh air to hear some bass. I highly recommend checking out The Atrocity Exhibit right this second!

P.S. It should also be noted how insanely awesome the cover art to Grind Over Matter is!

~Andrew Lipscomb


  1. GoM had a tape release a while back. That art would look amazing in that format

  2. Yeah man, I love it! If that tom dude doesn't work out we should check out this guy!

  3. I agree about the art, it's all sweet.

  4. The art is done by Atomck's guitarist and resident artist of obscurity Luke Oram, you can check out his works here always an enlightening view. And yes the UK is putting out plenty of good grind, but we still have quite a while yet before we bring it back to the status of national treasure!