Monday, September 19, 2011

Wormrot - "Noise EP" Review

Wormrot in 2011 is an unstoppable force of grind. They released their 2nd full length "Dirge", toured the USA and currently Europe, shared the stage of the 2011 Scion Rock Fest with the likes of Bastard Noise, Fuck the Facts, Floor and Nails among others, and now today see's the release of their brand new 5-track EP "Noise", released on Scion A/V/Earache Records.
I'm not gonna heavily get into the whole "Scion" debate, all I'll say is that I really dig what they're doing and that they are supporting awesome bands and probably spending crazy amounts of money so that we, the fans, can get free music and go to free shows. If you wanna bitch and complain about that, be my guest.
But I digress, "Noise" is 5 minutes and 11 seconds of brutal, fast, catchy grindcore that we know and love from Wormrot. A definite continuation from "Dirge" in terms of studio quality, though with a bit more beefy guitar tone this time around. The songs still retain the blazingly fast tempos, stop-start riffs and tempo changes, and stupidly good vocals from Arif. Though there are a few interesting nuances this time around, like the high register gang shouts in "False Assumptions", and the chaotic drum flurries and Iron Maiden-esque riff at the end of "Perpetual Extinction", probably my favorite song on the EP. The only flub I can think off is the curiously sloppy drumming on "Loathsome Delusions".
In the end "Noise" is another solid effort from Wormrot, a release that doesn't seem rushed and released just for the sake of having another release. You can download it for free here or wait for the CD and 10" versions (why the fuck not a 7"??), which I suggest cause you get to have the fucking awesome cover artwork. The Scion logo is even smaller this time around so y'all don't have to complain about that as much!

Rating: 8/10



  1. 10"s rule! It's the DIY thing to have an weird number sized vinyl recording. I really wanna pick this up, especially knowing it came out today. I've seen snippits of it on Facebook from Arif/the band and wondered but never looked into it for some reason.

  2. It totally annoys me when a band puts 5 minutes of music on a 10" too.
    Seriously this thing could fit on a single-sided 7". Are they going to have 2 min 40 seconds of music on each side... of a 10 inch! Other then that annoyance, the music here is really top notch. I love the fake-out in the first song before the blast comes in. It surprises me every time. Really the only thing I don't like about this EP is those darn high pitched gang vocals as you called um.