Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BxSxR: Another Project From the Parlamentarisk Sodomi Guy

     Parlamentarisk Sodomi, PSUDOKU, and now BxSxR; yet another grind creation brought to us by the Norwegian master of one-man bands(He goes by many names, but I have yet to find his official one). The concept behind the music of BxSxR is a story that would make Frank Zappa proud. According to the Bandcamp description, all the lyrics were written by a failed experiment created by Norwegian scientists when they attempted to make humans out of pigs. The creation, aptly named Pig(which even has a striking resemblance to "Thing-Fish"), began writing poetry which his supervisors made the lyrics of their band. The concept is strange, but the music is pretty on par with what this dude has created in the past. The vocals are a bit more silly, but I guess that's what happens when you take your lyrics from the poetry of a pig-human-creature. There are 3 members listed, but I'm gonna bet this is still a one-man band. All in all, it's probably my least favorite of his projects, but it's interesting none-the-less. Stream some tracks here. Grind!



  1. his name is papirmollen and this explains why he never returned my PSUDOKU interview questions. busy little bastard, he is.

  2. It's not a one man band. It's Papirmollen with 2 of the dudes from Laserguys, another grind band from Norway. And Papirmollen's real name is Roger. Don't know the last name though.