Thursday, April 20, 2017

Poozy - Worrier ft. False Prpht (audio)

Richmond's own, Poozy just released a song featuring fellow Prison Religion member False Prpht. Produced by Poozy and Russian artist Xerogi

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Listen below



"No im not fine
Its shitty sometime
The city sunken
O No its not fine
I worship money
My god in neon
A scene w honey
The milk just pours out
Until its all out
A Billion starving
Larva eats clout
A smile carving 
I see in full doubt
Of a life boat
I see in full doubt
No suicide note
Pleasure wars
A million miles
God is money
The deadly smile
Worship death 
Give me bread
Kiss the feet
Of crocodiles
 Alone at night
Haunted house 
My buzzing skin
it Turns inside out 
A worrier
On xanax
w Iron skirt
A Ballerina
In runs
A gunman
Whos reckless
Fucks up shit
And shoots the whole place up"

False Prpht

"Hey bb gurl go head throw that pussy on me 
Hugn n touchn on me 
Two snakes movin thru the sheets 
Go head back thang up
Hit it from the back 
False-eto when she scream
Ridin that ass 
Freaks on a leash 
Ima slug when i creep"

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