Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sidetracked's Upcoming Release List Is Fucking Incredible

Looks like Suffering Mind have some competition for having "The Most Jizz In Your Pants Worthy Upcoming Releases" list. True, that's a bit of a long titles, but I honestly can't think of a more suitable and fitting way to describe how absolutely incredible this list is. The Tacoma, WA fastcore unit, lead by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Jay Tichy, has been keeping busy and putting out quality fast jams for several years now. They even released my 3rd favorite EP of last year with their 1-sided 7", "Uniform". This year has already seen the release of the "Wrench" cassette, and a 7" entitled "Forfeit". But if even 1/2 of these releases come out this year, I think my little fastcore heart would burst with joy! Take a look over at Jay's blog and will show you his "Upcoming List" in better detail, but since you all are probably too lazy to click that link, I'll do you a solid and post it here.

1. Self Inflicted split 7inch (pre-order this now at Deep Six Records)
2. Gaz 66- Intrusion split 7inch
3. Walk it Off single
4. XBrainiaX split 12inch (brb, changing pants now)
5. Gride split 10inch
6. Abandon cdep
7. Dismissal cdep
8. Hired Gun cd
9. Recourse cdep
10. Unnerved 7inch

11. Fever split
12. God's America aka The Seeds Of Rape split tape

Holy fuck, am I stoked. Especially for that xBrainiax split. Talk about fastcore perfection right there. You can also hear preview tracked for some of these releases at the Sidetracked bandcamp. Hail fastcore!



  1. I'm stoked to see someone excited about the upcoming releases! Thanks for the interest VII!


  2. Always happy to support you, Jay!