Monday, May 21, 2012

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: False Light

Hell yeah, bringing this series back! Did you miss it? I hope so, if not, fuck you! Kidding, I love you all. Anyways, I'm super excited right now, because I just stumbled upon this excellent band called False Light. A relatively new band from Charleston, SC, and I knew just from the first couple seconds of the first song that I was going to love this band. Tough as nails grindcore with some great breakdowns, and a full, bassy recording. Excellent vocals too, the dude really makes his voice flow well with the riffs being played. Very, very short release though. I've listened to it four times through just while writing this. So if I had one complaint, it's that I'm left wanting more. Hopefully they'll get some more stuff recorded soon, but until then, blast this shit loud!!



  1. Thems my boys.

  2. Okay, so it didn't show my AIM, killzombiesdead.

  3. We should be putting out the rest of the EP within the next week or two hopefully, then putting it out on a tape. Thanks for the support!