Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Operation Grindcore and DIY Noise Are Releasing A Cassette Of The Drip's Ripping New EP

Operation Grindcore is very proud to team up with DIY Noise for a cassette release of The Drip's new EP, "The Wasteland"! This EP is like a razor sharp katana to the jugular, and I'm very happy to help out some cool people and put this out. To my knowledge, there will be 50 cassettes released, and we will get about 20 to sell. This will be released very soon, and I'll do a post about how to purchase it! Until then, please follow The Drip on Facebook, listen to "The Wasteland" if you haven't already, and be prepared for their upcoming split 7", with a band you might have heard of. More on that later!



  1. awesome. any chance of a download as well with copies of the tape?

  2. I doubt it. You can download from the band and support them though!

  3. did Arif from wormrot do the artwork? quite reminiscent of his style. anyway, good review!