Friday, May 18, 2012

New Coke Bust Song!

Straight edge, D.C, hardcore band Coke Bust (featuring Chris Moore of Magrudergrind on drums), have just debuted a brand new track entitled, "Pain and Suffering" from their upcoming split with Vaccine. I've never really given much time to the band, but this song is pretty kick ass. It has a hardcore punk beginning that eventually morphs into more of a grindcore sound. I should probably join the cool-kids-club already and get a few of this bands records, and I'm frothing at the mouth to hear new material from Vaccine. The split 7" will be available later this year from Drugged Conscience and Refuse Records. In addition, they also have a live 7" coming out sometime this summer. Keep a look out, and catch Coke Bust at Maryland Deathfest, if you're going. 


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