Saturday, April 14, 2012

Woah, A New Hatred Surge Song!

It's about 8:30 am where I am right now. This is sickeningly early for me, and I'm mega grumpy. Not a whole lot can make we happy at this time of day, so imagine my surprise when upon perusing the internet for what's left of the still active Mediafire links (downloading albums I already have on vinyl, of course), and I stumble on a brand new Hatred Surge track. I know right? Woke me up better than the coffee I'm drinking right now. The song, entitled "Inoculation", was debuted by Irong Lung Records, and comes off of their upcoming 2nd full-length, "Human Overdose" (Irong Lung Records will also be releasing the LP, win!). For any fans who didn't take to the death n' roll/grind that Hatred Surge started to play on the split with Mammoth Grinder and the "Brutal Supremacy" comp, this should please the older fans. Blasts and pure grinding powerviolence intensity make up this track, with Alex Huges gruff vocals being the icing on the cake. The recording is rough and abrasive, and I love it. It definitely sounds like good ol' Hatred Surge. Not that there's anything wrong with the music they made these past couple years, but it's good to see that they haven't left their fast, blasting side. Now word yet on when the album will be released, and there's no cover art yet. But it's on Iron Lung Records, so when it does come out, you better snatch it up quick! Listen to the track here!


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