Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sordo/OG Jammer - Split 7" (2015) Review

I wish Tyson would kick me in the head for taking this long to score this beautiful gem. That's some pain everyone who doesn't have this record should feel, everyday. Seriously though, if you've been wanting a proper follow-up from Sordo to their perfect "Tactical Precision Violence" 7", you're going to get it here. This split 7" with LA's OG Jammer is a monster. Released by Eddie from Sordo's own label Dina Dog Records last year.

Sordo's side must be leftover tracks from the "Tactical Precision Violence" session. That flawless, Disgusting, punchy and heavy recording is completely the same here. Also they reuse a song featured on their split tape with Chulo from a few years ago ("Chris Doesn't Like Noisecore", but without the long sample at the end). The "leftover" part should not have you worried at all, Sordo bring the pain in full force. There isn't a single dud or dull moment on the whole side. If you like having your ears romped by some catchy-ass drum and bass powerviolence, this is essential. But then again what Sordo release isn't? Almost every track incorporates some sort of Myke Tyson based sample. They are almost as wonderful as the songs themselves. Best samples in the game, Sordo still has that award. This is the real deal shit right here. By far my 2nd favorite Sordo recording.

OG Jammer were a new listen for me. While there's no one that can match Sordo's side in enjoyment level, this powerviolence group does a decent enough job on their short side. You like random, bassy microphone peaks in your recording? OG Jammer got you covered. This recording is a rough one, and a bit distracting at times. Their side consists of five raw and overblown bursts of fastcore/violence. They remind me of a mix of Godeater, Detroit and Goner. Sordo's side does make this a one-sider record for me a majority of the time. But whenever I play OG's side I enjoy more then I remember doing previously. I might track down their other recordings.

This record came in a "green" color variant, probably limited to 100. I don't know, it seems more blue to me. But I guess someone will call is sea foam green, or something like that. It's mine, whatever it is!

Buy this.


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