Sunday, February 7, 2016

Parfumerie - "Transmundane and Unprofessional Delocation of Superfluous Extremities, Organs and Rare Tissues E.P." 7" (2015) Review

The debut Parfumerie EP/demo first emerged from Canada and into the grind world in 2014, and pretty quickly turned a lot of heads. Not only because of the members associated with the band (the usual crew behind Archagathus, Horrible Pain, Violent Gorge, Meatus, etc.), but because it was so.fucking.good. Over a year later, an excellent group of labels got together and gave it a proper, beautiful vinyl treatment. This excellent and disgusting record is one of the best recent examples of goregrind that rocks! Right from the monstrous intro track "Venereal Excavation", which grooves like mash of Mammoth Grinder and Dead Infection. The power of the riff and the love of the golden age of gore and deathgrind is fully embraced in Parfumerie. You won't find a single slam or even a cheesy sample used. Just powerful songwriting and catchy as hell riffs that fester like a putrefied corpse. And layers of over the top, monstrous gurgles and barfed out roars. This thing had to have been recorded on a 4 track tape recorder. It just had to be. It sounds like an old demo that was kept in an attic since the 90's. All six of Parfumerie's songs are quality rippers, and the closing cover of Regurgitate's "Deranged Menarche Injection" is the perfect tribute to a band that gives so much inspiration.

This still remains the only Parfumerie recording that's been released. I'd assume the members other bands take up a majority of their attention, but it would be cool to see a return. If not, they left their mark with a memorable little EP. I highly recommend it.

Listen: HERE!


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