Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bandcamp Artists Of The Week: Prison Violence / Self

Double bandcamp helping coming attcha this week! Both bands coming from my favorite scenes ever too! Prison Violence from Squamish, Canada, and Self from Los Angeles.

Prison Violence (or PrisonxViolence, though I doubt there's any straight edge business going on with this group) came to my attention from a recent post on the Obacha facebook page, as this band shares members with them. Totally fast, totally crushing, totally Canadian. It also sounds like they're a drum/bass band too, which delights me to no end. Compared to Obacha, they're definitely less fastcore oriented, with a lot more slow parts, and a bit better sounding recording. They have new tracks up, from an upcoming split with some band, and older tracks from a 4-way split with Skuff, Violent Gorge and Selfish Beings that I NEED! Dig it.

Shout out to my buddy Alex for showing me this band. Self are a relatively new band on the west coast, and they play crustcore. I don't really ever post crust stuff on here, because honestly, crust bores the shit out of me. But throw some blast beats in the mix, and voilá, it becomes pretty damn good! The songs on this "Divine Intervention 2013" demo/ep are ragers, and are sure to turn a crowd into a flailing frenzy at live shows. Pretty killer stuff, can't wait to hear more!


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