Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vinyl Record Of The Week: False Light - "S/T" 7"

Three cheers to the good people at Headfirst! and Dead Chemists Records for bringing us a gorgeous vinyl edition of False Light's debut self-titled EP. For those who are still living under a rock, this EP burst forth from the murky depths of the underground and crippled almost everything else I had heard that year. A vinyl release seemed only appropriate, and more than justified, and it seems like a lot of you agree. I've heard that this first pressing is almost sold out from both labels.

(All photo's by VII)

I've already talked endlessly about this record, so I won't take the time to regurgitate past praises. I mainly want to use this new article series to talk about presentation, and packaging, and quality, and hopefully I'll influence a couple people to pick up the record. Rest assured, the two labels responsible did an incredible job with the presentation. All new cover art is plastered all over both sides of the barn-door style sleeve, with a silkscreened obi-strip and murky, marbled vinyl.

I'm kind of glad that they distanced the aesthetic of this record away from the digital version, to give it it's own identity in a way. That being said, this art is pretty curious, and pretty abstract. The grimness of the old cover art was definitely well suited, but this is just as cool. Kind of reminds me of Feeding's art, or Rudimentary Peni.

The closing slow track, "///", is also absent from this record. A bit of a disappointment, since we aren't really getting the whole EP here, but I can understand why they did it, given a 7" record's time limit per side. 

Great record though, very happy with the release. I believe the band still has copies, and you can pick it up from distro's like To Live A Lie and Diseased Audio. False Light will also have a track appear on the EPIC "To Live A Lie Vol. II" 12" compilation, and should have another new record come out in the future. 


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