Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Music From Disciples Of Christ, Sea Of Shit and Amputee

I found out about this literally seconds before I fell asleep last night. D.O.C. have debuted a brand spanking new track off their upcoming single-sided LP entitled, "Decomposition Fantasy". As if decimating almost all competition with their incomprehensibly good split with Triac wasn't enough, the dudes have been busy creating this sure to be incredible record, with very little updates. The new track, "Pus Ride", is a noisy, filthy, ever changing song that keeps everything I loved about that split in tact. I definitely remember hearing it at MDF too, it also crushes live. "Decomposition Fantasy" is coming out sometime in October/November on Rorschach Records. 

And this is pretty old news, but I love this band enough that I'm willing to rehash. Maybe a few of you haven't heard yet, but Sea Of Shit have put up two new tracks from their upcoming 10". As always, the tracks are filthy and brutal, but they let a little bit more studio clarity into the mix. They're great tracks, and seeing a lot of the newer tracks live was a great treat. I got to listen to the whole record thanks to the tour edition cassette that was put out, but I can't wait to hear it on it's intended format. The record should be out in a couple months on Diseased Audio Records.

Lastly, NJ Assück/gnar grind worshippers, Amputee have put up a new track on their Facebook page from an upcoming split 5" record with Triac!! I heard rumors of this split happening, but I never knew it would be a rad little 5". Pretty neat stuff, and the new song is a great little dose of raw, rusty blade grindcore. And any word of new Triac material has me squee'ing. Check it out here. The record should be released by Haunted Hotel Records sometime in the future. 


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