Sunday, August 18, 2013

Listen To Slave, Right Now!!

I remember posting about Slave and the 2-3 tracks that they had online a while ago. They were good, standard powerviolence, stuff a lot of people would dig. Well, a short while ago, I found out that this band has been very active, and holy shit, I'm sorry I've only been paying minimal attention. Slave are a force to be reckoned with in 2013! Their new cassette EP (as pictured above), is a bombshell of a release. Great recording, and great song after great song. They've really got a nice Triac meets SFN meets The Endless Blockade thing going on, and I fucking love it. I'm ordering a copy of this cassette ASAP (buy here), and if I'm lucky, maybe come across their split tape with Obacha (!!!) eventually. Give Slaves new tape a listen and fall in love like I have. And listen to Obacha too!!!



  1. i am listening to this RIGHT NOW! and it kicks plenty of ass. good find.

  2. Bought a copy from their bandcamp and they even took the time out to drop me a mail thanking me. Cool people, cool band.

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