Monday, August 26, 2013

New Weekend Nachos Album and Tracks

I have such a power slam hard on for this new Weekend Nachos album, dead ass. The initial announcement for it was a few weeks ago, but today all these juicy details have been released so nows the time to get hyping! Their 4th album, entitled "Still",  will be coming out in November on Relapse Records and Deep Six (I believe DS is handling the vinyl duties). Today the band has put up two new tracks from the album for free download! "S.C.A.B." and "Satan Sucker" are excellent songs, I mean, Weekend Nachos just know how to write great, solid, beat down brutality. "S.C.A.B." in particular, while being an excellent classic hardcore influenced song, delighted me to know end with the lyrics during the breakdown (please listen for yourself), and the "BUST IN!" at the end. Fucking brilliant. Head on over to their Facebook page to download the new tracks.


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