Sunday, August 25, 2013

thedowngoing/Detroit Split Has Been Announced!

Again with the cool news right before I'm about to hit the hay. Mathias, the singer and guitar player for Australia's noisiest grinders thedowngoing, spread the word that a new track from an upcoming split 7" with Detroit was posted! Just when I  was starting to worry that we'd never see any new music from these guys again. The new track, "gazastrip", boasts a heavy, well produced recording, definitely their heaviest yet. Pulling back a little bit on the straight up spastic noisiness a little, particularly in the vocals, but it just goes to show that under all the chaos, thedowngoing really do have tons of great riffs. Killer track. 

I was very excited to hear that Detroit would be the split companions. I've always kept my eye on them, and their drummer Isaac even contributed to OG a few times. It's a neat little connection. These guys have also been crafting split 7"s with Skuff and Deadpreassure, most of which you can hear on their bandcamp. Great raw powerviolence in kinda the same vein as Vaccine, Despise You and In Disgust. Dig it.

The split with thedowngoing will be put out late 2013/early 2014 by Hash Crimes and Stoked Distro Records.


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