Monday, November 28, 2011


I have been wanting Pig Destroyer to release a new album for sooooo long now, the wait is literally painful sometimes. The loss of long time drummer Brian Harvey broke my heart and made me think that the writing process would be slowed down due to the arrival and breaking-in of new drummer Adam Jarvis(of Misery Index). But today, like a gift from the Gods, footage of three short, new Pig Destroyer songs were discovered on the internet. Hallelujah everybody, the Pig is back!! The sound quality is fucking atrocious, but I can still make out killer riffs, grooves and breaks in these songs. New drummer Adam does a good job keeping up with Scott Hull too, and does a sweet kick-drum break at 1:23. Consider me stoked out of my mind.



  1. yes. new pxdx would be awesome. i'd prefer to see them dirty up the sound a little bit more. i loved phantom limb, but it was a tad too clean for my taste.

    and just to be *that guy* but harvey wasn't the founding drummer. john evans played on a bunch of demo tracks before harvey checked in.

  2. no worries. that only occurred to me cuz i've been killing 38 counts of battery lately for a post later this week. the songs at the end were his only recorded appearances with pxdx.

  3. I would give my left AND right testicles to get their new album at this moment. No tomorrow, no next week.....two balls for right now. Haha.