Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Capitalist Casualties/No Comply - split Review

This split is so retro, it would make Chris Dodge feel nostalgic. This could have easily been Six Weeks #14, especially when considering how old these recordings are, resurrected by the great To Live a Lie records and put on wax for the first time. On one side we have a live recording of the legendary Capitalist Casualties from 1994. I've never really been a fan of live recordings, purely because I think they're unnecessary, but the band sounds good and the recording sounds crisp. The vocals sound particularly fierce throughout. There's not a whole lot of crowd noise or breaks between songs, which does kinda take the "live" feel out of it, which I'm perfectly fine with. On the flip side is No Comply with a recording from the 90's intended for a split with Charles Bronson that never came to be. I'm a sucker for drum/bass powerviolence bands, so I was destined to love this band from the start. Great hardcore riffs and weird clean bass playing with a great, tight, fuzzy bass tone and excellent sounding drums to go along with it. The vocals are probably my favorite part of this recording though; spastic and high-pitched, reminiscent of bands like The Locust or their would be split companions Charles Bronson. The last track "Squatter" is one of the catchiest hardcore songs I've heard this year. Buy it here.

Rating: 7/10
FFO: Capitalist Casualties, No Comply (duh)



  1. Dude this is probably one of the kindest reviews for my band
    No Comply I've ever seen or heard in the last decade or so. You and Will of to live a lie wrote the kindnest, most flattering, and over the top... Awesome reviews ever!!! Dude, you rule. If you'd like, I'd like to send u some other No Comply 7"s (that are now rare, out of print, and.sold on ebay for RIDICULOUS prices. Anyhow, send me your name & contact info, like email, home address.&.etc. If its cool it'd be my pleasure, to send u a care package.via no comply + a product of six cents records. Ok, thank u tremendously once again, your brother, Justin/No Comply-

  2. Justin, it's my pleasure to help out awesome people/bands like yourself. My email is We can talk/share over email. Cheers!