Friday, November 11, 2011

Eddie Brock/Lapse - split Review

Grind.fucking.violence! This awesome split pairs two up and coming Maryland bands for a double heaping helping of head-crushing brutality. These bands were meant to share a split together, it's a beautiful and completely natural sounding pair, just like the two people on the cover(which for some reason reminds me of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey whenever I look at it). First up is 3 tracks from Lapse. They definitely have an eastcoast hardcore sound, mixing in sharp tempo changes, mosh riffs, and gruff powerviolence vocals. The build up to the breakdown in the second track "Trend" is particularly sweet. Minimal blasting, definitely more slam dance friendly, but they don't have a macho/brocore type of vibe. Old-school and new-school powerviolence fans will dig it. Eddie Brock is next, graced with the majesty Scott Hull's mastering skills, making their two tracks sound viciously heavy. These two tracks are brutal, I can only imagine the carnage that must unfold at their live shows. It's definitely more mid-tempo then the self-titled 7" they released earlier this year, but I think the song-writting has become way more refined and memorable because of this, everything just sounds more realized and thought-out. The 7" version of this will be out very soon on To Live a Lie, but you can download the whole thing right now here while you wait for the physical version. Get on it!

Rating: 8.5/10
FFO: Weekend Nachos, Crossed Out


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