Sunday, November 27, 2011

Get Destroyed Interview

Arizona has spawned some of the toughest, heaviest powerviolence in the last couple years, one of heaviest being Get Destroyed. This Tempe, AZ quartet released their awesome new EP "Shut In" this year(a joined release by To Live a Lie, Give Praise, 625 Thrashcore and RSR), and a full length record may be in the works soon. Pretty impressive for a band who was thought to have broken up just a year ago. I caught up with a few members over email to discuss what's being going on with Get Destroyed.


Operation Grindcore: The new EP "Shut In" is excellent! Are you guys happy with how it all came out?

Nik: It is my favorite record that we have done.  

Jay: Yes.

Zach: We are always trying to do something new. I think we did that.

OG: It was commonly thought that you guys had broken up after releasing "Burnt Offerings" and that "Shut In" was going be a post-mordum release, but then I heard that it was just a hiatus of sorts. What really happened between those two releases?

Nik: Ben moved to Washington right after we recorded “Burnt Offerings,” and at that point figured we wouldn’t be able to play shows or write music anymore.  We ended playing an awesome winter show when Ben was back in town and decided to write another record. 

OG: I've heard that a full-length album is in the works. Can you give us any info on that?

Nik: Jay has always wanted to release a full length. Zach and I have resisted because of how much material we would have to write, and the fact that it is hard for us to get together. I drove into AZ for about two weeks and we wrote ten songs. The writing got cut short because Jay was brutally assaulted. He was jumped by three guys with bats.  We are planning on continuing to write for the full length, but we have no idea when it will be done. 

Jay: I've been pushing for a full length for some time now. I wanted "Shut In" to be a full length but the 14 minutes of music we wrote turned into 7 minutes once it went through the recording process. Somehow everything becomes twice as fast in the studio. Like Nik mentioned, we've been working on new material but we cut it short because I went through a brutal assault. I ended up in a trauma center for some serious head wounds but luckily I am fine with no permanent damage. Or at least that's how it seems for now. We don't know when we will finish writing and recording this album. We're not rushing this.

Zach: Powerviolence full lengths always stretch my attention span. I think we just want to make sure we do it right and that there's no filler on it. If, and when, it comes out, it will be fucking MEATY.

OG: Grace Perry from Landmine Marathon does some vocals on "Shut In", how did she get involved?

Nik: We have always been friends with Landmine Marathon. Their guitarist Ryan Butler has record all three of our records. Ben contacted Grace to be on the record and she was game. All of the vocal construction was Ben’s idea, and I loved the way it turned out.

Jay: Some of Get Destroyed's first shows were with Landmine Marathon back in 2005/2006 and that's how we met Grace. She always stuck around and watched us, back before we released any records and nobody knew or cared who we were. She's a rad person, as well as the rest of the Landmine crew!

Zach: I have no idea how she got involved. I didn't even know she was on the record until I heard it.

OG: Arizona seems to be the birth place of many excellent hardcore/powerviolence bands like Magnum Force and Sex Prisoner. Has Arizona always had good scenes?

Jay: Arizona has its up and downs, like any other place. The last few years have definitely been brutal. A few people have taken it into their hands to get some DIY venues going, which has really spurred the punk and hardcore scene into action. The result is some rad bands like Magnum Force and Avon Ladies as well as others coming out of Arizona. Sex Prisoner from Tucson are absolutely brutal, probably some of the best power-violence out there right now. We have played shows with them and their old bands and it's always a good time.  

Zach: We all have real lives at this point, so its hard to keep two feet planted in the scene. Get Destroyed is the thing that keeps us together.

OG: Are there any ambitions to tour?

Nik: We would like to, but I don’t see how it will ever be possible. Because of school, both Zach and I are unable to tour.

Jay: Maybe someday but right now it is very unlikely.

OG: Besides the full-length are there any other recording projects you guys have planned?

Nik: No.

OG: This is a question we ask all our interviewees; if you were stuck on a desert island, which 3 albums would you bring with you?

Nik: “No Heroes” Converge, "A Life Less PlaguedCarry On, "FarRegina Spektor

Jay: I would definitely not bring any hardcore records because I would be angry enough as it is. Probably: Fugazi "The Argument" / Beatles "White Album" / Animal Collective "Sung Tongs"

Zach: The Knife “Silent Shout”, Infest “Mankind” EP, Weezer “Pinkerton

OG: Thanks for the interview, any final thoughts?

Nik: Keep up the good work. Thanks for the interview!!

Jay: If you're reading this and you live in Japan, book us a tour!

Zach: Thanks!

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