Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bandcamp Artist of The Week: Inside The Beehive

Lady's and gentlemen; Inside The Beehive. A 4-headed beast from the depths of northern New Jersey who create super technical spastic blasting music. If you like dissonant riffs, high pitched screams, constant stop/start changes and great production, you should definitely check this band out ASAP. Though honestly, some of you may question their "grindcore" status and the breakdowns may throw a few people off, but if Cephalic Carnage is considered grind dammit these guys can be too! Like CC, Inside The Beehive display incredible, tight musicianship with enough unique nuances to keep it interesting, and I really enjoy it! They have their debut EP "Drink Bleach; Live Forever" up for free download on their bandcamp, and you can pick up a cassette version from out good friends in DIY Noise


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