Friday, November 4, 2011

Priapus Premier New Track And Give You Their Favorite Underrated Grindcore Albums

Priapus rule, plain and simple. Air Loom is one of my favorite releases of the year and if you haven't listened to it yet, you need to now! Check out their new track "A List Of Unwitting Assholes" from their upcoming split with Old Painless, and Operation Grindcore Vol. 2, and check out their lists for their favorite underrated grind albums below!


I love everything about this album. I’m really big into shit that I can listen to over and over and still discover new things each time, and this is absolutely one of those records. Great riffs all over this – really twisted, fucked up & dissonant guitar work that brings to mind the more recent albums from Deathspell Omega & Ulcerate. What a great album – so good that I can forgive the usage of a fucking wah-wah pedal on “Mournful Visage”. Seriously, I fucking hate wah-wah pedals.

Hemdale/Exit-13 Split
While I don’t think this split contains the best material from either band, the combination of Exit-13 and Hemdale is the auditory equivalent of being at the receiving end of Mike Tyson ’88 (when he was saying insanely ignorant shit like “I’ll fuck you til you love me, faggot”). Hemdale’s tracks suffer from some of the worst guitar tone I’ve ever heard, but no fucks given, the snare drum sounds like a gunshot – this is some Cephalotripsy-level shit. This band still has some of the most devastating, sludge-ass breakdowns I’ve ever heard and the vocals are absolutely killer: raw and angry as hell (if I lived in Ohio, I’d be pissed off too). The Exit-13 side of this might be even better, though – the bass tone here could take out a tank, and the vocals are all over the place without sounding like they’re trying to be some wacky Mike Patton shit. Some awesome riffage here as well! 0:50 in “Black Weakeners” = balls moshed off. I could ramble about this split forever, but just GET THIS.

Jigsore Terror–World End Carnage
3 dudes from somewhere cold as fuck in Scandinavia. I know almost nothing about this band, since I only have this album on a beat up CD-R that looks like a fat guy chewed on it, but it still plays! Tough as fuck, just like this band. Really good crusty/d-beaty grindcore with some massive riffs – I don’t know what makes Swedish music so catchy (regardless of genre), but this is a great album with awesome hooks.

The Day Everything Became Nothing–Invention: Destruction
I’m pretty sure this band started as an ironic Cock & Ball Torture tribute, but no care: this shit hits like a bulldozer. I went through a stupid porno-grind phase about 5 years ago where all I listened to was CBT, Gut, Rompeprop and a South American band called Nasty Pig Dick (COME AT ME LADIES), but this is the only band that I still really listen to from that genre. Songwriting in grindcore generally tends to be awful, but this band is ALL OVER IT – catchy fucking grooves and demolishing riffs, structured like a pop song. Check out the 1:31 mark in “Crush” – this is the heaviest riff ever written, no joke.

Anata–Under A Stone With No Inscription
I saved this one for last because it’s a total technical death metal album – there is no grindcore to be found here, but I could listen to this album every day. I love bands that can be subtly technical – writing riffs/drum parts/vocal patterns that are complex or in odd meters, but fit into the song so well that the listener doesn’t even realize it. The songs on this record are catchy as fuck, and MY GOD THE RIFFS – check out the first part of “Under The Debris” for a riff that I wish I’d written, then check out how they bring it back (IN MOSH DOWN FORM) at 4:35. Amazingly accessible tech DM, considering that there’s probably 4 riffs on this album where the guitars actually play the same thing at the same time – most of the time, they’re weaving around each other, occasionally meeting at the accents. Dig on the drums too; no triggers here, dude is a legit heavy hitter with a rad Phil Collins-style tom sound - no bottom heads! Insanely good album, even if you don’t like death metal. And if it’s lulz you seek, hit up YouTube and check out guitar player’s mesh t-shirt in the video for “Entropy Within” – you mirin??

KEVIN (Drums)

Japanische Kampfhörspiele–Rauchen Und Yoga/Bilder Fressen Strom/ Kaputte Nackte Affen
Soooo, I had a really hard time deciding which of one of these three albums was the best as all three albums bring different elements to the table. These albums demonstrate a band that were not only on top of their game but a genius and innovation that Grind has not heard in some time. There will never be another JaKa much like there will never be another Iron Monkey; bands like these are rare. A lot of fans of the genre don’t “get it” nor can they comprehend the “GOD MODE” level that these guys reached before calling it a day and that’s perfectly o.k. by me. I don’t want you stupid as to be a part of this amazingness anyway.

Gadget–The Funeral March
This is one of the biggest compliments I could ever give a band: Nasum Jr.
I pee’d my pants a little bit when I read that we should all expect a new album from these guys in 2012.

Relevant Few–Who Are Those Of Leadership?
In ’02 these fuckers came out of nowhere and absolutely destroyed my brother and I. This album had it all; Great production, superb song writing, excellent musicianship and the vox are pretty much telling you that “I’m better than you’ll ever hope to be”.
Do yourself a favor and pick this up. You’ll thank me later.

Regurgitate–Carnivorous Erection
When I took a look at the album art for ‘Carnivorous Erection’ I knew this shit was gonna be tight. Next…

Splitter–Avskräckande Exemplar
Hal Jordan! This shit is “High Energy” son!


324–Boutoku No Taiyo
Ridiculous vocal performance, solid drumming with some really cool fills and catchy as hell riffs. One of my favorite tracks is ‘Swinging Skull’… at 0:28 seconds when it becomes obvious that the vocalist is yelling in Japanese, I can’t help but want to eat sashimi, slam sake, and circle pit until I vomit raw fish and rice brew everywhere.

Decrypt–Armageddon Anthems
Nick Augusto, I still have your copy of this album, buy a new one with those Trivium checks, sonny! Everything about this shit is just completely over the top, I fucking love it. The vocalist on this album destroys 99% of all vocalists out there. Sadly, I’m pretty sure these dudes have called it quits. Fun fact: This is a split album with a band called STUMP and every song is shit-themed. And it’s awful.

Mule Skinner–Abuse
I don’t really know much about this band, except that they only released this one full length, they were from New Orleans, and they sound like Assück filtered through post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans filth. This shit is essential, I highly recommend tracking a copy down if you’re able to find it, it get’s pretty pricey on eBay these days (I bought mine at a used record store for $1, SUP?). Oh yeah, and I think they had members from…

Flesh Parade–Kill Whitey
New Orleans bands – you mad? Again, a ridiculous vocal performance on top of breakneck speed grind jams. I was finally able to see these dudes at MDF earlier this year, and I remember Jeremy turning to me and drunkenly yelling “DUDE… I THINK THIS GUY IS OUT-CHANG-ING JON CHANG!!” Yeah, I know it’s a different vocalist than the one on Kill Whitey, but WHO THE FUCK CARES. Their new album, Dirty Sweet, came out this year and is also great.

Yacöpsae–Tanz Grosny Tanz
PISSED GERMANS playing completely fevered, stop-start blasting madness. If you’re not moshing into oblivion when ‘Frost’ kicks in then you’re a fucking pussy. I don’t know if I like this album better than Einstweilige Vernichtung, but I think I’ve listened to this one more, so it made the list.


  1. love this. Props to Jordan for showing Yacopsae some love!

  2. damn. Kevin's list was ALL my favorites, especially Splitter and Relevant Few (R.I.P. Johan Carlzon)

  3. i could do without the porno, but damn that's a pretty solid list all the way through (splitter! relevant few!! muleskinner!!! gadget!!!! exit-13/hemdale....daaaaaaaaaaaaamn). priapus was my favorite demo of the year by far.

  4. Great call with Decrypt. Holy Erotic Rapture is on Spotify and it's ace!

  5. if priapus doesn't release the split soon I'm gonna kill somebody