Friday, November 4, 2011


Abarognosis is the debut EP from SoCal lads Hordes, released on King Of The Monsters Records. Hordes unrelenting breed of Powerviolence infused, dark, metallic hardcore bludgeons its way through ten punishing, to the point tracks. Roaring, bestial vocals are set over a backdrop of blast beats, menacing riffing, and punchy, simple breakdowns. The bass on this release is very audible, giving it a full sound, and leaving very little room to breathe. The guitar work seamlessly rips through searing PV parts, but isn’t afraid to slow down and get sludgy when it needs to. The drumming is solid, and the vocals sit somewhere between yelling and growling. This is the type of music that gets me pissed and ready start a warzone in the pit. If you’re a fan of Hardcore, Powerviolence, or Sludge metal this would be worth giving a listen, and is available to stream on their Bandcamp, or on ToxicBreedsFunhouse. I thoroughly enjoyed the misanthropic soundscape of this album, and look forward to hearing more from Hordes in the future!

FFO-Nails, Full of Hell, Low Places

~Alex Beegle

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