Monday, November 14, 2011

One Year Ago: In Disgust Broke Up

Well guys and gals, it's been a full year since the uber-excellent In Disgust played their last show. And I am still incredibly pissed/sad that they broke up. In Disgust are one of my favorite grindcore bands, and they played some of the most brutal grind to ever blast from the west coast. I've heard a few rumors as to why they broke up, but my bro met up with Dave of PLF at Maryland Deathfest this year and he said that it's because singer/guitarist Matt Gomes got married and he wanted to concentrate on family, or something like that. Really wish that they continued on, since their split with PLF(the last thing they released before disbanding) is probably my favorite recording of theirs next to "Reality Choke", which remains in my top 5 grind releases everrrrrr. I hope they get the hell back together, and come tour the east coast so I can fucking see them live!!!! Here is some footage from their last show, play it loud and wish you were there!

And for those who don't know, the bass player and drummer formed a new grind/hardcore band called Permanent Ruin, who have releases a demo tape. They're good, you should check em out. 



  1. Outraged and Uzi Suicide > In Disgust

  2. ^Ewww
    Sorry @Kevin but I can't get down with Uzi Suicide. Vocals don't do it for me. I'm gonna have to agree with VII that In Disgust are top-tier grind. Supposedly, they recently (like a few weeks ago) played another farewell show in San Jose that I didn't learn about until after. So technically I missed two final shows and I'm from san ho so I have no excuse :(

  3. Uzi Suicide are sweet. Like the east coast version of Crucial Unit. I eat that stuff up.
    I'm still bummed they broke up too. In Disgust really played some serious music. That video fucking proves it.