Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Sad News: Defeatist Are Breaking Up

Shit, I was sure that I had already posted about this, my bad. So yeah not really breaking news, but for those who don't know Brooklynn, NY's grind-trio Defeatist have decided to call it quits. Another huge loss for grindcore, cause these guys really slay, all there albums and splits are really good, there latest full length "Tyranny of Decay" probably being my favorite. Seriously, you all should check it out and buy the 12" record here. They funded the whole recording and release themselves, so help some good people out by buying their shit! Like Maruta, Defeatist will have one last hurrah and play a stacked show on December 17th with Triac, Psychic Limb, Disciples of Christ and Backslider. Definitely not to be missed, one of the first shows my band played was with Defeatist and they're are a non-stop beatdown of blasting grind. I'll close with this; ATTENTION GOOD BANDS! STOP BREAKING UP!! Sincerely, VII Caso.



  1. why?? whats wrong??

  2. nothing major, they just decided to break up.

  3. Their last show is on December 17th, not November.