Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Robocop Premier "Psychic Transferal"!

Check out this awesome new Robocop song called "Psychic Transferal" from their upcoming split with Detroit. Here is what Ryan had to say about it:

"This song is about Issei Sagawa, the Japanese murder, cannibal, and food critic. If one takes a Freudian perspective, there is inherently this linkage between sex and death, and I suppose if you've seen Juzo Itami's Tampopo, you can guess where food wedges its way in there. There is also an interest in the possibility of transmitting (transmuting?) knowledge through consumption. Finally there's this thread that runs through the album about hidden codes in language and other forms of communication. In this case there is a sense in which if we find a way to decode this, and commit an act provocative enough it may provide cultural immortality.

The track I've sent is unmastered, but in most respects it is in it's final form."

Listen to Robocop here

~Andrew Lipscomb