Monday, November 7, 2011

VII's Recent Purchases

I've gotten a whooooole bunch of stuff lately, a bit to much to show in one post. So again, I'm just showing ones I'm particularly excited about. The first two come from the first ever purchase I've made to Cowabunga Records. It was a good experience, definitely ordering from them again. This is something I've wanted for quite a while, Hummingbird of Death - "Goatmeal" 5". Black vinyl, 33 RPM, 1st press. This little beast of a record has 20(!) songs on it, 19 of which take up one side. This ain't your amateur fastcore either, each song sounds different. Very impressive EP. I'm trying to get all the HOD releases I can, they're tied with Sidetracked as my favorite fastcore band.
Pretty simple packaging. Fold-over sleeve that looks like it was printed on photocopy paper with an insert. 
Next is the Hummingbird of Death - "Show Us The Meaning of Haste" LP, they're first full length. Blue marble vinyl, 33 RPM, I believe this is a 1st press. I've actually had the CD version of this for a while, but I felt a vinyl replacement was in order. I got this for the excellent price of $5.50. Such an incredible deal for such an awesome album. Everyone should definitely pick this one up, it's super cheap in all the distros I've seen it in, and it's a great introduction to the band. My only real complaint about this album is the last track; a repetitive, 11 minute, instrumental sludge outro. Meh.
This next 7" is one of the best split's I've heard this year. The Afternoon Gentlemen paired up with Cyborg. Released by RSR, black vinyl, 33rpm, purchased from Give Praise records. Incredible record in every way, the music, the packaging(kinda), the pressing, the artwork. Everything is top notch. I'll most likely be doing a full review of this soon. 
Shitty webcam photo's don't do this artwork justice, it's incredibly detailed. I'm sure this is done by the same guy who did the art for the TAG/Osk split 7". 
It also comes with an obi strip, which I'm not that into. I get the aesthetic appeal, but it's just such a pain in the ass to slip on. It doesn't even go on the right way without getting in the way of access to the record, so I just keep it in the plastic sleeve. 
Last thing I'll show is something I picked up from a record fair this Saturday. The legendary "Reality Part #2" comp. (highlighted by Sergio of ACxDC as one of his favorite powerviolence releases) Transparent green vinyl, 45 RPM, I'm not sure which press this is. Just one look at the list of bands should moisten the pants of any fan of hardcore/powerviolence. It's hard to top a line-up like this. The sleeve is a little bent, but the record is in great shape. Very happy to finally get this. 

Other pickups:
  • the Melvins - "Nude with Boots" 12" on red vinyl
  • Coalesce - "Functioning on Impatience" 12" on transparent red/black splatter vinyl
  • Spazz - "Crush Kill Destroy" 12" on red vinyl
  • Agathocles/Violent George split 7" on black vinyl
  • Tom Waits - "Bad as Me" 12" on black vinyl


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